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  1. added 2018-01-17
    The Neural Correlates of Consciousness.Jorge Morales & Hakwan Lau - forthcoming - In Uriah Kriegel (ed.), The Oxford Handbook of the Philosophy of Consciousness. Oxford University Press.
    In this chapter, we discuss a selection of current views of the neural correlates of consciousness (NCC). We focus on the different predictions they make, in particular with respect to the role of prefrontal cortex (PFC) during visual experiences, which is an area of critical interest and some source of contention. Our discussion of these views focuses on the level of functional anatomy, rather than at the neuronal circuitry level. We take this approach because we currently understand more about experimental (...)
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  2. added 2017-12-28
    Manipulating the Contents of Consciousness.Alfredo Vernazzani - 2015 - Proceedings of the 37th Meeting of the Cognitive Science Society.
    I argue for a manipulationist-mechanistic framework for content-NCC research in the case of visual consciousness (Bechtel 2008; Neisser 2012). Reference to mechanisms is common in the NCC research. Furthermore, recent developments in non-invasive brain stimulation techniques (NIBS) lend support to a manipulationist standpoint. The crucial question is to understand what is changed after manipulation of a brain mechanism. In the second part of the paper I review the literature on intentionalism, and argue that intervention on the neural mechanism is likely (...)
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  3. added 2017-09-09
    Cortical Color and the Cognitive Sciences.Berit Brogaard & Dimitria Electra Gatzia - 2017 - Topics in Cognitive Science 9 (1):135-150.
    Back when researchers thought about the various forms that color vision could take, the focus was primarily on the retinal mechanisms. Since that time, research on human color vision has shifted from an interest in retinal mechanisms to cortical color processing. This has allowed color research to provide insight into questions that are not limited to early vision but extend to cognition. Direct cortical connections from higher-level areas to lower-level areas have been found throughout the brain. One of the classic (...)
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  4. added 2017-06-15
    Perceptual Consciousness, Short-Term Memory, and Overflow: Replies to Beck, Orlandi and Franklin, and Phillips.Steven Gross & Jonathan Flombaum - 2017 - The Brains Blog.
    A reply to commentators -- Jake Beck, Nico Orlandi and Aaron Franklin, and Ian Phillips -- on our paper "Does perceptual consciousness overflow cognitive access?".
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  5. added 2017-02-14
    Measuring Visual Awareness.Chai-Youn Kim & Randolph Blake - 2005 - Trends in Cognitive Sciences 9 (8):381-388.
  6. added 2017-02-14
    Brain Activity Along the Apparent Motion Path-Recurrent Feedback of Area hMT/V5 to V1.L. Muckli, A. Kohler, M. Wibral & W. Singer - 2004 - In Robert Schwartz (ed.), Perception. Malden Ma: Blackwell. pp. 22-22.
  7. added 2017-02-14
    Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation of the Left Human Frontal Eye Fields Eliminates the Cost of Invalid Endogenous Cues.D. Smith, S. R. Jackson & C. Rorden - 2004 - In Robert Schwartz (ed.), Perception. Malden Ma: Blackwell. pp. 4-4.
  8. added 2017-02-14
    Repetitive Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation: Implications for Research or Consciousness.J. P. Keenan - 2000 - Consciousness and Cognition 9 (2):S22 - S23.
  9. added 2017-02-14
    Visual Awareness of Objects as Revealed by EEG.M. Wilenius-Emet & A. Revonsuo - 2000 - Consciousness and Cognition 9 (2):S83 - S83.
  10. added 2017-02-14
    The Time Course of Visual Awareness.V. Goffaux, S. Desmet, Bruno Rossion & Marc Crommelinck - 2000 - Consciousness and Cognition 9 (2):S66 - S66.
  11. added 2017-02-14
    A Neural Correlate of Visual Awareness: Exploring the N265 Component.V. Ojanen, R. Wilenius-Emet & A. Revonsuo - 2000 - Consciousness and Cognition 9 (2):S48 - S49.
  12. added 2017-02-14
    Contrast Dependence of Contextual Effects in Macaque Striate Cortex.J. B. Levitt & J. S. Lund - 1996 - In Enrique Villanueva (ed.), Perception. Ridgeview. pp. 22-22.
  13. added 2017-02-14
    Elements of Form Perception in Monkey Prestriate Cortex.E. Peterhans & R. Von der Heydt - 1991 - In A. Gorea (ed.), Representations of Vision. Cambridge University Press.
  14. added 2017-02-14
    The Adrenal Cortex and Intersexuality.S. Zuckerman - 1938 - The Eugenics Review 30 (3):207.
  15. added 2017-02-13
    Neuronal Oscillations and Visual Amplification of Speech.Charles E. Schroeder, Peter Lakatos, Yoshinao Kajikawa, Sarah Partan & Aina Puce - 2008 - Trends in Cognitive Sciences 12 (3):106-113.
  16. added 2017-02-13
    Developing a Cortex Specialized for Face Perception.Kathrin Cohen Kadosh & Mark H. Johnson - 2007 - Trends in Cognitive Sciences 11 (9):367-369.
  17. added 2017-02-13
    Vincent Walsh & Alvardo Pascual-Leone, Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation.A. Scott - 2004 - In Anthony I. Jack (ed.), Journal of Consciousness Studies. Thorverton Uk: Imprint Academic. pp. 11--5.
  18. added 2017-02-13
    Waves of Visual Awareness.Mark Wexler - 2001 - Trends in Cognitive Sciences 5 (10):417.
  19. added 2017-02-13
    Magnetic Stimulation Studies of Visual Cognition.Vincent Walsh & Alan Cowey - 1998 - Trends in Cognitive Sciences 2 (3):103-110.
  20. added 2017-02-13
    Judging Age From Handwriting Done with and Without Visual Feedback.Eugene A. Lovelace, Beth A. Vella & Donna M. Anderson - 1993 - Bulletin of the Psychonomic Society 31 (2):111-113.
  21. added 2017-02-13
    Functional Specialization in the Lower and Upper Visual Fields in Humans: Its Ecological Origins and Neurophysiological Implications.Fred H. Previc - 1990 - Behavioral and Brain Sciences 13 (3):519-542.
  22. added 2017-02-13
    Design Duplication in Streams of the Striate Cortex.G. H. Henry - 1985 - In David Rose & Vernon Dobson (eds.), Models of the Visual Cortex. New York: Wiley. pp. 351--357.
  23. added 2017-02-13
    Does the Striate Cortex Contain a System of Oriented Axons.G. J. Mitchison - 1985 - In David Rose & Vernon Dobson (eds.), Models of the Visual Cortex. New York: Wiley. pp. 443--451.
  24. added 2017-02-13
    Local and Global Functional Architecture in Primate Striate Cortex: Outline of a Spatial Mapping Doctrine for Perception.Eric L. Schwartz - 1985 - In David Rose & Vernon Dobson (eds.), Models of the Visual Cortex. New York: Wiley. pp. 146--157.
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  25. added 2017-02-13
    Visual Evoked and Emitted Potentials and Stimulus Significance.D. S. Ruchkin & S. Sutton - 1973 - Bulletin of the Psychonomic Society 2 (3):144-146.
  26. added 2017-02-11
    Neurodisruption of Selective Attention: Insights and Implications.Christopher D. Chambers & Jason B. Mattingley - 2005 - Trends in Cognitive Sciences 9 (11):542-550.
    Mechanisms of selective attention are vital for coherent perception and action. Recent advances in cognitive neuroscience have yielded key insights into the relationship between neural mechanisms of attention and eye movements, and the role of frontal and parietal brain regions as sources of attentional control. Here we explore the growing contribution of reversible neurodisruption techniques, including transcranial magnetic stimulation and microelectrode stimulation, to the cognitive neuroscience of spatial attention. These approaches permit unique causal inferences concerning the relationship between neural processes (...)
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  27. added 2017-02-11
    Experimental Evidence for the Electrical Character of Visual Fields Derived From a Quantitative Analysis of the Ponzo Illusion.W. R. Sickles - 1942 - Journal of Experimental Psychology 30 (1):84.
  28. added 2017-02-11
    Human Occipital Brain Potentials as Affected by Intensity-Duration Variables of Visual Stimulation.R. M. Cruikshank - 1937 - Journal of Experimental Psychology 21 (6):625.
  29. added 2017-02-11
    The Neural Determination of Critical Flicker Frequency.S. H. Bartley - 1937 - Journal of Experimental Psychology 21 (6):678.
  30. added 2017-02-09
    Blindsight: A Case Study Spanning 35 Years and New Developments.Lawrence Weiskrantz - 2009 - Oxford University Press.
    The first edition of Blindsight, written by Lawrence Weiskrantz was an important and highly cited account of studies of the phenomenon - Blindsight. The updated edition retains the original text of the first edition, but brings the book up to date with developments in this area in the past decade.
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  31. added 2017-02-08
    By.Christof Koch - unknown
    What is the relationship between a visual percept and the underlying neuronal activity in parts of the brain? This manifesto reviews the theoretical framework of Crick and Kochfor answering these questions based on the neuroanatomy and physiology of mammalian cortex and associated subcortical structures. This evidence suggests that primates are not directly aware of neural activity in primary visual cortex, although they may be aware of such activity in extrastriate cortical areas. Psychophysical evidence in humans supporting this hypothesis is discussed.
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  32. added 2017-02-08
    Visually Driven Activation in Macaque Areas V2 and V3 Without Input From the Primary Visual Cortex.Michael C. Schmid & Mark A. Augath - unknown
    Creating focal lesions in primary visual cortex (V1) provides an opportunity to study the role of extra-geniculo-striate pathways for activating extrastriate visual cortex. Previous studies have shown that more than 95% of neurons in macaque area V2 and V3 stop firing after reversibly cooling V1 [1,2,3]. However, no studies on long term recovery in areas V2, V3 following permanent V1 lesions have been reported in the macaque. Here we use macaque fMRI to study area V2, V3 activity patterns from 1 (...)
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  33. added 2017-02-08
    High-Resolution 1H Chemical Shift Imaging in the Monkey Visual Cortex.Josef Pfeuffer - unknown
    Functionally distinct anatomic subdivisions of the brain can often be only a few millimeters in one or more dimensions. The study of metabolic differences in such structures by means of localized in vivo MR spectroscopy is therefore challenging, if not impossible. In fact, the spatial resolution of chemical shift imaging (CSI) in humans is typically in the range of centimeters. The aim of the present study was to optimize 1H CSI in monkeys and demonstrate the feasibility of high spatial resolutions (...)
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  34. added 2017-02-07
    Reply to Bachmann on ERP Correlates of Visual Awareness☆.Henry Railo & Mika Koivisto - 2009 - Consciousness and Cognition 18 (3):809-810.
  35. added 2017-02-07
    Book Review:Visual Analogy: Consciousness as the Art of Connecting Barbara Maria Stafford. [REVIEW]Paul Bartha - 2001 - Philosophy of Science 68 (4):580-.
  36. added 2017-02-02
    An Epistemological Account of Visual Consciousness.Peter D. Sparks & E. E. Krieckhaus - 2004 - Behavioral and Brain Sciences 27 (6):907-908.
  37. added 2017-02-02
    Prefrontal Cortex and the Generation of Oscillatory Visual Persistence.Mark A. Elliott, Markus Conci & Hermann J. Müller - 2003 - Behavioral and Brain Sciences 26 (6):733-734.
    In this commentary, the formation of “pre-iconic” visual-prime persistence is described in the context of prime-specific, independent-component activation at prefrontal and posterior EEG-recording sites. Although this activity subserves neural systems that are near identical to those described by Ruchkin and colleagues, we consider priming to be a dynamic process, identified with patterns of coherence and temporal structure of very high precision.
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  38. added 2017-02-02
    Visual Perception and Subjective Visual Awareness.Antti Revonsuo - 1998 - Behavioral and Brain Sciences 21 (6):769-770.
    Pessoa et al. fail to make a clear distinction between visual perception and subjective visual awareness. Their most controversial claims, however, concern subjective visual awareness rather than visual perception: visual awareness is externalized to the “personal level,” thus denying the view that consciousness is a natural biological phenomenon somehow constructed inside the brain.
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  39. added 2017-01-31
    Modulation of Right Motor Cortex Excitability Without Awareness Following Presentation of Masked Self-Images.Hugo Théoret, Masahito Kobayashi, Lotfi Merabet, Tim Wagner, Jose M. Tormos & Alvaro Pascual-Leone - 2004 - Cognitive Brain Research 20 (1):54-57.
  40. added 2017-01-30
    Why is “Blindsight” Blind? A New Perspective on Primary Visual Cortex, Recurrent Activity and Visual Awareness.Juha Silvanto - 2015 - Consciousness and Cognition 32:15-32.
  41. added 2017-01-30
    Significance of Objects in the Perirhinal Cortex.Marika C. Inhoff & Charan Ranganath - 2015 - Trends in Cognitive Sciences 19 (6):302-303.
  42. added 2017-01-29
    Adrenal Cortex.Elaine P. Ralli - 1955 - Philosophy of Science 22 (3):237-237.
  43. added 2017-01-26
    Developmental Neuroimaging of the Human Ventral Visual Cortex.Kalanit Grill-Spector, Golijeh Golarai & John Gabrieli - 2008 - Trends in Cognitive Sciences 12 (4):152-162.
  44. added 2017-01-26
    17 A New Foundation for the Visual Cortical Hierarchy.Jonathan C. Horton & Lawrence C. Sincich - 2004 - In Michael S. Gazzaniga (ed.), The Cognitive Neurosciences Iii. MIT Press. pp. 233.
  45. added 2017-01-26
    О Dynamics of Attentional Modulation in Visual Cerebral Cortex.John Hr Maunsell & Geoffrey M. Ghose - 2004 - In Michael S. Gazzaniga (ed.), The Cognitive Neurosciences Iii. MIT Press.
  46. added 2017-01-26
    Precuneus–Prefrontal Activity During Awareness of Visual Verbal Stimuli.T. W. Kjaer, M. Nowak, Klaus Wilbrandt Kjær, A. R. Lou & H. C. Lou - 2001 - Consciousness and Cognition 10 (3):356-365.
  47. added 2017-01-26
    Lateral Connections In The Visual Cortex Can Self-Organize Cooperatively With Multisize RFs Just As With Ocular Dominance and Orientation Columns.Joseph Sirosh & Risto Miikkulainen - 1996 - In Garrison W. Cottrell (ed.), Proceedings of the Eighteenth Annual Conference of the Cognitive Science Society. Lawrence Erlbaum. pp. 18--430.
  48. added 2017-01-26
    Simulation of Cortex Visual Cells for Texture Segmentation: Foveal and Parafoveal Projections.P. M. Palagi & A. Guérin-Dugué - 1996 - In Enrique Villanueva (ed.), Perception. Ridgeview. pp. 30-30.
  49. added 2017-01-26
    A Study of Visual Search by Means of Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation of the Parietal Cortex.E. Ashbridge, V. Walsh & A. Cowey - 1996 - In Enrique Villanueva (ed.), Perception. Ridgeview. pp. 1374-1374.
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  50. added 2017-01-26
    A Microelectrode Study of the Spatial Arrangement of Iso-Orientation Bands in the Cat's Striate Cortex.K. Albus - 1985 - In David Rose & Vernon Dobson (eds.), Models of the Visual Cortex. New York: Wiley. pp. 485--491.
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