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  1. added 2019-03-07
    Nietzsche’s English Genealogy of Truthfulness.Matthieu Queloz - forthcoming - Archiv für Geschichte der Philosophie.
    This paper aims to increase our understanding of the genealogical method by taking a developmental approach to Nietzsche’s genealogical methodology and reconstructing an early instance of it: Nietzsche’s genealogy of truthfulness in On Truth and Lie. Placing this essay against complementary remarks from his notebooks, I show that Nietzsche’s early use of the genealogical method concerns imagined situations before documented history, aims to reveal practical necessity before contingency, and focuses on vindication before it turns to subversion or problematization. I argue (...)
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  2. added 2018-06-11
    Translating the Colli-Montinari Kritische Studienausgabe.Alan D. Schrift - 2007 - Journal of Nietzsche Studies 33 (1):64-72.
  3. added 2014-09-19
    Nietzsche on Integrity.Friedrich Nietzsche & Carol Diethe - 2014 - Pli: The Warwick Journal of Philosophy 25:1-12.
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  4. added 2014-02-14
    Human, All Too Human Ii and Unpublished Fragments From the Period of Human, All Too Human Ii (Spring 1878-Fall 1879).Friedrich Wilhelm Nietzsche - 2013 - Stanford University Press.
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  5. added 2014-01-23
    The Complete Works of Friedrich Nietzsche: A Status Report.Alan D. Schrift - 2012 - Journal of Nietzsche Studies 43 (2):355-361.