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  1. Mark Alfano (forthcoming). The Epistemic Function of Contempt and Humor in Nietzsche. In Michelle Mason (ed.), The Moral Psychology of Contempt. Rowman & Littlefield
  2. Andreas Dorschel (1992). Das Programm ästhetischer Erziehung bei Schiller und beim frühen Nietzsche. Vierteljahrsschrift Für Wissenschaftliche Pädagogik 68 (3):260-284.
    Friedrich Nietzsche, in his early work, both appropriated and transformed Friedrich Schiller’s idea of aesthetic education. Art must cease to be a mere object of private pleasure and turn into a medium of public communication – this is the vision both philosophers share. As Nietzsche assigns the rôle held by language in Schiller to music, he shifts the project’s meaning. Yet both authors have to address the paradox that art, cut off from political and economic structures they disapprove of, is (...)
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