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  1. Alain Badiou (2009). Who is Nietzsche? In Dominiek Hoens, Sigi Jottkandt & Gert Buelens (eds.), Pli. Palgrave Macmillan 1-11.
  2. Georges Bataille & tr Boone, Bruce (1995). Book Review: On Nietzsche. [REVIEW] Philosophy and Literature 19 (1).
  3. Samuel Shearn (2016). Charles Taylor, Nietzsche and Theology in A Secular Age. In Guido Vanheeswijck, Colin Jager & Florian Zemmin (eds.), Working with a Secular Age: Interdisciplinary Perspectives on Charles Taylor's Master Narrative. De Gruyter 263-282.
    In this paper I first sketch out the field of Christian theological responses to Nietzsche with special reference to Merold Westphal and Giles Fraser. This forms the backdrop for my analysis of Taylor. I argue Taylor characterizes Nietzsche as deeply insightful but peculiarly inhuman and employs Nietzsche in his apologetic strategy to highlight the need for strong moral sources for the demands of humanism. I claim that Taylor also makes theological responses to Nietzsche. Taylor holds out hope that a vision (...)
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