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Introductions The most comprehensive source up to date is the Encyclopaedia of Educational Philosophy and Theory edited by  Peters et al 2016, published online and continuously updated with new entries, following the model of the Stanford Encyclopaedia of Philosophy, but this one is under a pay wall. Other comprehensive resources include an earlier paper-based version of this encyclopaedia  Peters et al 2016 , Randal Curren's Companion to the Philosophy of Education, Harvey Siegel's Handbook of Philosophy of Education. For an overview of the methods in philosophy of education, Methods in Philosophy of Education is a good start, also the more recent Philosophy and Theory in Educational Research: Writing in the Margin
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  1. Alternative Approaches to Educating Young Children.Martha S. Abbott-Shim - 1976
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  6. In a Man's Words - the Politics of Female Representation in the Public.Rebecca Adami - 2018 - Studier i Pædagogisk Filosofi 6 (1):55.
    What one decides fit for appearance through writing and speech bears a political signifi cance that risk being distorted through both language, reception in the public, and through calls for gendered representations. How can work of female philosophers be interpreted as a concern for the world from that of having to respond to a male-dominated discourse through which speech becomes trapped into what one might represent as ‘other’? In this paper, I explore the public reception of two female thinkers who (...)
  7. On Education.Jane Addams & Ellen Condliffe Lagemann - 1994
  8. Activity Concepts and Expertise.Mark Addis - 2017 - Journal of Philosophy of Education 51 (3):574-587.
  9. Introduction.Mark Addis & Christopher Winch - 2017 - Journal of Philosophy of Education 51 (3):557-573.
    This volume brings together a number of related contributions on the topic of expertise and education. Expertise is a topic that is beginning to receive more attention in the Philosophy of Education and discussions are closely related to the epistemological debate concerning the nature of know-how which has also burgeoned in recent years within ‘mainstream’ epistemology. More specifically, this volume focuses on the relevance of expertise to professional education and practice, with the aim on shedding light on what is involved (...)
  10. Thoughts on Education.J. C. Aggarwal - 1967 - New Delhi, Arya Book Depot.
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  17. Sexist Language: A Modern Philosophical Analysis. [REVIEW]Debra Aidun - 1982 - Teaching Philosophy 5 (3):265-267.
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  21. A Mirror to Kathleen's Face: Education in Independent Ireland 1922-60.D. H. Akenson - 1977 - British Journal of Educational Studies 25 (2):188-188.
    First published in 1975, Donald Akenson’s book was at the forefront of a radically new approach to the study of Irish educational history. Instead of investigating the evolution of the schools as an isolated process, he explores the complex interrelations of Irish education, institutions and society, treating the schools as cultural litmus paper. By presenting Ireland’s schools as a reflection of the society that produced them, Professor Akenson demonstrates that they are, in truth, "a mirror to the face of Kathleen (...)
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  25. Transition In Transcendental Education: The Schools Of Bronson Alcott And Hiram Fuller.Judith Strong Albert - 1980 - Educational Studies 11 (3):209-219.
  26. My Friend, "Hank" Hullfish.Harold Alberty - 1963 - Educational Theory 13 (3):189-191.
  27. My Friend, “Hank” Hullfish.Harold Alberty - 1963 - Educational Theory 13 (3):189-191.
  28. How Ought War To Be Remembered in Schools?David Aldridge - 2014 - Impact 2014 (21):1-45.
    Each year a national day of commemoration of the war dead is celebrated on 11th November in the United Kingdom. Despite public controversy about the nature and purpose of remembrance, there has been no significant discussion of the role schools should play in this event. In this centenary year of the outbreak of the First World War, with the government planning to send groups from every secondary school in Britain to tour the battlefields of the western front over the next (...)
  29. Three Epiphanic Fragments: Education and the Essay in Memory.David Aldridge - 2014 - Educational Philosophy and Theory 46 (5):1-15.
  30. Jan Bengtsson : A Phenomenological Scholar of Our Time.Eva Alerby - 2015 - Educational Philosophy and Theory 47 (1):10-12.
  31. Cultural Transmission and Economic Development: A Critique of Educational Positivism.Chanan Alexander - 1981 - Educational Theory 31 (3-4):351-358.
  32. A Profitable Education?: Educational Alternatives, Inc., and Other for-Profit Firms Are Working to Reshape Public Schools-and Make a Buck in the Bargain. Is This the Future of American Education?D. Alexander - 1994 - Business Ethics: The Magazine of Corporate Responsibility 8 (4):22-25.
  33. Education in the Jewish State.H. A. Alexander - 2000 - Studies in Philosophy and Education 19 (5/6):491-507.
    This essay argues that schooling in Israel is tied too closely to ideology. This results in an indoctrinary orientation that contributes to divisiveness and imperils Israeli democracy. After reviewing and critiquing the roots of this orientation, I advance an alternative that understands education as an agent of the good rather than ideology. Israeli schooling requires a vision of goodness broad enough to encompass competing conceptions of Jewish life espoused by the majority as well as non-Jewish orientations affirmed by various minorities. (...)
  34. Empathy and Evaluation: Understanding the Private Meanings of Behavior. [REVIEW]H. A. Alexander - 1991 - Studies in Philosophy and Education 11 (2):123-134.
  35. Avies's Art in Education and Life. [REVIEW]H. B. Alexander - 1916 - Journal of Philosophy 13 (1):26.
  36. Caring and Agency: Noddings on Happiness in Education.Hanan Alexander - 2013 - Educational Philosophy and Theory 45 (5):488-493.
  37. What is Common About Common Schooling? Rational Autonomy and Moral Agency in Liberal Democratic Education.Hanan Alexander - 2007 - Journal of Philosophy of Education 41 (4):609–624.
  38. Education and the Sacred: Thomas Green's Educational Formation of Conscience.Hanan Alexander - 2000 - Journal of Philosophy of Education 34 (2):395–400.
  39. Education and the Sacred: Thomas Green's Educational Formation of Conscience.Hanan Alexander - 2000 - Journal of the Philosophy of Education 34 (2):395-400.
  40. What is Critical About Critical Pedagogy? Conflicting Conceptions of Criticism in the Curriculum.Hanan A. Alexander - 2016 - Educational Philosophy and Theory:1-14.
    In this paper, I explore the problems of cultivating a critical attitude in pedagogy given problems with accounts grounded in critical social theory, rational liberalism and pragmatic esthetic theory. I offer instead an alternative account of criticism for education in open, pluralistic, liberal, democratic societies called 'pedagogy of difference' that is grounded in the diversity liberalism of Isaiah Berlin and the dialogical philosophy of Martin Buber. In our current condition in which there is no agreement as to the proper criteria (...)
  41. A View From Somewhere: Explaining the Paradigms of Educational Research.Hanan A. Alexander - 2006 - Journal of Philosophy of Education 40 (2):205–221.
    In this paper I ask how educational researchers can believe the subjective perceptions of qualitative participant-observers given the concern for objectivity and generalisability of experimental research in the behavioural and social sciences. I critique the most common answer to this question within the educational research community, which posits the existence of two (or more) equally legitimate epistemological paradigms—positivism and constructivism—and offer an alternative that places a priority in educational research on understanding the purposes and meanings humans attribute to educational practices. (...)
  42. Spirituality, Morality, and Criticism in Education: A Response to Kevin Gary. [REVIEW]Hanan A. Alexander - 2006 - Studies in Philosophy and Education 25 (4):327-334.
  43. Spirituality and Ethics in Education Philosophical, Theological, and Radical Perspectives.Hanan A. Alexander - 2004
  44. A High School Essay Contest.Hubert G. Alexander - 1967 - Educational Theory 17 (3):260-261.
  45. The Treasury Grants, 1833–1839.J. Alexander & D. G. Paz - 1974 - British Journal of Educational Studies 22 (1):78-92.
  46. What Are Universities For? By Stefan Collini: Pp 216+ Viii. London: Penguin. 2012.£ 9.99 (Pbk). ISBN 978-1-846-14482-0.James Alexander - 2012 - British Journal of Educational Studies 60 (4):450-451.
  47. What Are Universities For?By Stefan Collini.James Alexander - 2012 - British Journal of Educational Studies 60 (4):450-451.
  48. Two Practical Exercises for Teaching Business and Professional Ethics.John K. Alexander - 2004 - Teaching Philosophy 27 (1):1-20.
    The paper describes two practical exercises requiring students to consider certain concrete decisions made by managers in business and professional life. The first exercise requires students to consider that competitive economic exchange inevitably puts managers in situations where they cannot accurately predict the outcomes of their decisions, and often results in harm to innocent people. In this practical exercise, seven discussion situations are described and students are asked to make decisions that take into account the individuals affected by these managerial (...)
  49. Philosophieren Lehren.John V. I. Alexander - 1990 - Teaching Philosophy 13 (1):76-81.
  50. "Experimental Philosophy and its Critic," Ed. Joachim Horvath and Thomas Grundmann; "Experimental Philosophy," Volume 2, Ed. Joshua Knobe and Shaun Nichols; and "Current Controversies in Experimental Philosophy," Ed. Edouard Machery and Elizabeth O’Neill. [REVIEW]Joshua Alexander - 2014 - Teaching Philosophy 37 (3):411-414.
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