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  1. Plato, the Medicine, and the Paraphrase on the Timaeus in the Anonymus Londiniensis Papyrus.Jordi Crespo Saumell - 2017 - Rhizomata 5 (2):148-176.
    Name der Zeitschrift: Rhizomata Jahrgang: 5 Heft: 2 Seiten: 148-176.
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  2. Plato's Rivalry with Medicine: A Struggle and its Dissolution.Susan B. Levin - 2014 - Oup Usa.
    Susan B. Levin argues that Plato's engagement with medicine is richer than previously recognized and that he views it as an important rival for authority on nature and flourishing. Levin shows further that Plato's work, particularly the Laws, holds significant promise for bioethics that has so far been nearly untapped.
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  3. Medical Theory in Plato's Timaeus.Laura Grams - 2009 - Rhizai 6:161-192.
    Plato’s Timaeus provides a significant, original account of diseases afflicting the body and soul. The causes of disease are explained according to the same physical principles that account for the motion of the four elements in the universe. As a result, medical expertise concerning the microcosm of the human body depends on cosmological expertise concerning the macrocosm of the universe. in addition, the methods of division and collection (diairesis and sunagōgē) that Plato uses in other late dialogues are employed in (...)
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  4. Eryximachus' Tale: The Symposium's Role in Plato's Critique of Medicine.Susan B. Levin - 2009 - Apeiron 42 (4):275-308.
  5. Is Medicine a Technê?: Health and End-of-Life Care in Plato's Republic.Susan B. Levin - 2007 - Philosophical Inquiry 29 (5):125-153.
  6. Plato and Medical Texts: Symposium 185c–193d.E. M. Craik - 2001 - Classical Quarterly 51 (1):109-114.
  7. Greek Medicine as Science and Craft.Owsei Temkin - 1953 - Isis 44:213-225.
  8. Plato's Cosmology: The Timaeus of Plato.Francis MacDonald Cornford - 1937 - Hackett Publishing Company.
    ". . . one of the masterpieces of classical scholarship. . . . Contemporary work on the Timaeus will inevitably take Plato's Cosmology as its starting point." -- Charles H Kahn, University of Pennsylvania.
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