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  1. added 2017-05-09
    Spinoza Now.Christopher Norris, Alain Badiou, Simon Duffy, Justin Clemens, Michael Mack, Arthur Jacobson & Warren Montag - 2011 - Univ of Minnesota Press.
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  2. added 2015-11-17
    "Radykalne oświecenie" : demiurgiczna rola Spinozy w formowaniu idei oświecenia? Żelazna - 2015 - Studia Z Historii Filozofii:73-85.
    Radical Enlightenment – Spinoza’s Demiurgic Role in the Formation of the Idea of Enlightenment? In his monograph devoted to the history of enlightenment, Radical Enlightenment. Philosophy and the Making of Modernity (1650-1750) British historian Jonathan Irvine Israel formulated a new theory of dating, sources, and the nature of this period of history. Israel attributed a major role in the formation of the concepts of enlightenment to the philosophy of Spinoza (1632-1677). The work has caused a series of controversies and criticisms (...)
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  3. added 2015-02-02
    One Substance, Many Voters. [REVIEW]Mark Hannam - 2010 - The Philosophers' Magazine 50 (Q3):125-126.
    Review of Jonathan Israel, "A Revolution of the Mind" (Princeton University Press, 2010).
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  4. added 2015-02-02
    From Stevin to Spinoza: An Essay on Philosophy in the Seventeenth-Century Dutch Republic (Review).Margaret C. Jacob - 2003 - Journal of the History of Philosophy 41 (2):276-277.
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  5. added 2015-02-02
    Spinoza in Denmark and the Fall of Struensee, 1770-1772.John Christian Laursen - 2000 - Journal of the History of Ideas 61 (2):189-202.
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  6. added 2015-01-21
    Spinoza Contra Phenomenology: French Rationalism From Cavaillès to Deleuze.Knox Peden - 2014 - Stanford University Press.
    Spinoza Contra Phenomenology fundamentally recasts the history of postwar French thought, typically presumed to have been driven by a critique of reason indebted to Nietzsche and Heidegger. Although the reception of phenomenology gave rise to many innovative developments in French philosophy, from existentialism to deconstruction, not everyone in France was pleased with this German import. This book recounts how a series of French philosophers used Spinoza to erect a bulwark against the nominally irrationalist tendencies of phenomenology. From its beginnings in (...)
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  7. added 2015-01-21
    Spinoza: A Marrano of Reason?Seymour Feldman - 1992 - Inquiry: An Interdisciplinary Journal of Philosophy 35 (1):37 – 53.
    In the first volume of his Spinoza and Other Heretics entitled The Marrano of Reason, Yovel proposes a different cultural context for the study of Spinoza: the Marrano mentalité. Living as crypto?Jews in a Catholic Iberian world, the Marranos developed a certain life?style that had specific religious and literary modes of expression: heterodox tendencies, the use of equivocation, and the zealous search for salvation, which often assumed secular forms. These Marrano traits are, Yovel claims, found in Spinoza as well, who (...)
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  8. added 2015-01-21
    The Helvetius Affair or Spinoza and the Philosopher's Stone: A Document on the Background of" Letter 40.Wim Klever - 1987 - Studia Spinozana: An International and Interdisciplinary Series 3:439-458.
  9. added 2015-01-21
    Spinoza in Germany From 1670 to the Age of Goethe.David Bell - 1984 - Institute of Germanic Studies, University of London.
  10. added 2015-01-13
    Spinoza: A Life Steven Nadler New York: Cambridge University Press, 1998, Xiii + 400 Pp. [REVIEW]Graeme Hunter - 2001 - Dialogue 40 (2):387.
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