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  1. added 2020-02-15
    Spinoza and Scholastic Philosophy.Emanuele Costa - forthcoming - In Yitzhak Y. Melamed (ed.), Blackwell Companion to Spinoza.
    In the first section of this chapter, I offer an overview of a selected list of Scholastic debates intersecting Spinoza's Cogitata Metaphysica. I highlight how Spinoza consciously intervenes in them, showing a certain awareness of the intricacies of Scholastic discourse. In this first section, I emphasize Spinoza’s interest in three specific problems: the issue of the division of being into “real being” and “being of reason”; the eternity of God and its distinction from duration; and, finally, God’s omnipresence. My aim (...)
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  2. added 2019-12-10
    Considerações acerca das noções de ação e liberdade em Espinosa. Temporalidade e Contingência.Lia Levy - 2000 - Revista de Filosofia Política 6:43-61.
    Nesse primeiro momento da análise do problema da liberdade em Espinosa, gostaria de mostrar que, embora Espinosa trate o conceito de contingência como relacionado à finitude do entendimento humano, o que sugere uma abordagem meramente negativa, ele, na verdade, desenvolve uma abordagem positiva, a saber : a contingência, assim como o tempo , é uma forma necessária do pensamento humano que tem um fundamento na realidade das coisa s às quais ele se aplica, embora não possa ser considerado uma propriedade (...)
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  3. added 2018-02-06
    Hegel, Spinoza, and McTaggart on the Reality of Time.Yitzhak Melamed - 2016 - Internationales Jahrbuch des Deutschen Idealismus / International Yearbook of German Idealism 14:211-234.
    In this paper, I study one aspect of the philosophical encounter between Spinoza and Hegel: the question of the reality of time. The precise reconstruction of the debate will require a close examination of Spinoza's concept of tempus (time) and duratio (duration), and Hegel's understanding of these notions. Following a presentation of Hegel's perception of Spinoza as a modern Eleatic, who denies the reality of time, change and plurality, I turn, in the second part, to look closely at Spinoza's text (...)
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  4. added 2017-02-15
    Spinoza on Time.Raphael Krut-Landau - forthcoming - In Yitzhak Y. Melamed (ed.), Blackwell Companion to Spinoza.
  5. added 2015-02-03
    Spinoza's Deification of Existence.Yitzhak Y. Melamed - 2013 - Oxford Studies in Early Modern Philosophy 6:75-104.
    The aim of this paper is to clarify Spinoza’s views on some of the most fundamental issues of his metaphysics: the nature of God’s attributes, the nature of existence and eternity, and the relation between essence and existence in God. While there is an extensive literature on each of these topics, it seems that the following question was hardly raised so far: What is, for Spinoza, the relation between God’s existence and the divine attributes? Given Spinoza’s claims that there are (...)
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  6. added 2015-01-29
    Spinoza on Immortality and Time.C. L. Hardin - 1977 - Southwestern Journal of Philosophy 8 (3):129-138.
  7. added 2015-01-29
    Spinoza's Conception of Eternity.H. F. Hallett - 1928 - Mind 37 (147):283-303.
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  8. added 2015-01-24
    "By Eternity I Understand": Eternity According to Spinoza.Julie R. Klein - 2002 - Iyyun, The Jerusalem Philosophical Quarterly 51 (July):295-324.