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  1. added 2016-01-28
    Restrictiveness Relative to Notions of Interpretation.Luca Incurvati & Benedikt Löwe - 2016 - Review of Symbolic Logic 9 (2): 238-250.
    Maddy gave a semi-formal account of restrictiveness by defining a formal notion based on a class of interpretations and explaining how to handle false positives and false negatives. Recently, Hamkins pointed out some structural issues with Maddy's definition. We look at Maddy's formal definitions from the point of view of an abstract interpretation relation. We consider various candidates for this interpretation relation, including one that is close to Maddy's original notion, but fixes the issues raised by Hamkins. Our work brings (...)
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  2. added 2015-06-30
    The Abc's of Mice.Ernest Schimmerling - 2001 - Bulletin of Symbolic Logic 7 (4):485-503.
  3. added 2015-06-29
    Generalizations of Gödel's Universe of Constructible Sets.Sy-David Friedman - 2010 - In Kurt Gödel, Solomon Feferman, Charles Parsons & Stephen G. Simpson (eds.), Kurt Gödel: Essays for His Centennial. Association for Symbolic Logic.
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  4. added 2011-05-31
    Weak Forms of the Axiom of Constructibility.Richard L. Poss - 1971 - Notre Dame Journal of Formal Logic 12 (3):257-299.
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  5. added 2011-03-20
    The Metamathematics of Putnam’s Model-Theoretic Arguments.Tim Button - 2011 - Erkenntnis 74 (3):321-349.
    Putnam famously attempted to use model theory to draw metaphysical conclusions. His Skolemisation argument sought to show metaphysical realists that their favourite theories have countable models. His permutation argument sought to show that they have permuted models. His constructivisation argument sought to show that any empirical evidence is compatible with the Axiom of Constructibility. Here, I examine the metamathematics of all three model-theoretic arguments, and I argue against Bays (2001, 2007) that Putnam is largely immune to metamathematical challenges.
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