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Summary This section includes works on Zeno of Citium, the founder of the Athenian Stoa.
Key works The ancient evidence of Zeno is gathered together in volume 1 of von Arnim 1903-24.
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    More Zenon Papyri Zenon Papyri in the University of Michigan Collection. By Campbell Cowan Edgar. Pp. Xiv + 211; 6 Plates. Ann Arbor: University of Michigan Press, 1931. $ 3.50. [REVIEW]H. I. Bell - 1931 - The Classical Review 45 (05):180-181.
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    Logos et scala naturae dans le stoïcisme de Zénon et Cléanthe.Thomas Bénatouïl - 2002 - Elenchos 23 (2):297-331.
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    Stoic Cosmopolitanism and Zeno's Republic.John Sellars - 2007 - History of Political Thought 28 (1):1-29.
    Modern accounts of Stoic politics have attributed to Zeno the ideal of an isolated community of sages and to later Stoics such as Seneca a cosmopolitan utopia transcending all traditional States. By returning to the Cynic background to both Zeno's Republic and the Cosmopolitan tradition, this paper argues that the distance between the two is not as great as is often supposed. This account, it is argued, is more plausible than trying to offer a developmental explanation of the supposed transformation (...)
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    Les Kynica du Stoïcisme, by Marie-Odile Goulet-Cazé.R. Bracht Branham - 2006 - Ancient Philosophy 26 (2):443-447.
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    Les Kynica du Stoïcisme.R. Bracht Branham - 2006 - Ancient Philosophy 26 (2):443-447.
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    Stoics and Cynics: M.-O. Goulet-Cazé: Les Kynica du Stoïcisme. [REVIEW]John Sellars - 2005 - The Classical Review 55 (01):69-.
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    Zeno's Cosmology and the Presumption of Innocence. Interpretations and Vindications.Serge Mouraviev - 2005 - Phronesis 50 (3):232-249.
    The present study partly supports, partly corrects, and partly complements recent discussions of Arius Didymus fr. 23 and fr. 25 Diels, Aetius I, 20, 1 and Sextus Empiricus AM X, 3-4 = PH III, 124. It proposes a comprehensive interpretation of the first text (A.I), defends the attribution of its content to Zeno of Citium (A.II), interprets the Stoic definitions of space, place and void to be found in the other sources (B.I) and again vindicates the attribution of the core (...)
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    Documentary Evidence, Literary Forgery, or Manipulation of Historical Documents? Diogenes Laertius and an Athenian Honorary Decree for Zeno of Citium.Matthias Haake - 2004 - Classical Quarterly 54 (02):470-483.
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    Zeno on the Unity of Philosophy.Jaap Mansfeld - 2003 - Phronesis 48 (2):116-131.
    The formula 'the elements of logos' in the Zeno quotation by Epictetus at Arrian, Diss. 4.8.12 need not, pace e.g. von Arnim, pertain to the parts of speech, but more probably means the elements i.e. primary theorems of philosophical theory, or doctrine. Theory moreover should become internalized to the soul and 'lived': philosophy is also the so-called 'art of life'. These theorems are to be distinguished but should reciprocally entail each other. Philosophy according to Zeno is both tripartite and one, (...)
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    Early Stoic Eros: The Sexual Ethics of Zeno and Chrysippus and Their Evaluation of the Greek Erotic Tradition.Kathy L. Gaca - 2000 - Apeiron 33 (3):207 - 238.
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    Eros in Government: Zeno and the Virtuous City.George Boys-Stones - 1998 - Classical Quarterly 48 (01):168-.
    According to a report in Athenaeus , the qualities of Erosled the Stoic Zeno to make him the tutelary god of his ideal state:Pontianus said that Zeno of Citium took Eros to be the god of love and freedom, and even the provider of concord, but nothing else. This is why he said in his Republic that Eros was the god who contributed to the safety of the city.
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    Los Estoicos Antiguos Zenón de Citio, Aristón de Quíos, Apolófanes, Hérilo de Calcedonia, Dionisio de Heraclea, Perseo de Citio, Cleantes, Esfero.Angel J. Cappelletti - 1996
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    On Fire in Heraclitus and in Zeno of Citium.R. W. Sharples - 1984 - Classical Quarterly 34 (01):231-.
    In a recent discussion note1 C. D. C. Reeve investigates the reasons for Heraclitus assigning a primary position to fire, as contrasted with the other substances like earth and water which go to make up the physical universe. Reeve considers and rejects other reasons for the primacy of fire that have been put forward, such as the symbolic associations of fire, the role of fire in governing the universe, or the claim that everything becomes fire at some time or other. (...)
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    Intuitionism and Formalism: Zeno's Definition of Geometry in a Fragment of L. Calvenus Taurus.Jaap Mansfeld - 1983 - Phronesis 28 (1):59-74.
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    The Syllogisms of Zeno of Citium.Malcolm Schofield - 1983 - Phronesis 28 (1):31-58.
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    H. A. K. Hunt: A Physical Interpretation of the Universe: The Doctrines of Zeno the Stoic. Pp. Xiv + 79. Carlton, Victoria: Melbourne University Press, 1976. Paper, £3·75. [REVIEW]F. H. Sandbach - 1978 - The Classical Review 28 (01):170-171.
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    Andreas Graeser: Zenon von Kition. Positionen und Probleme. Pp. x + 224. Berlin/New York: De Gruyter, 1975. Cloth, DM. 82. [REVIEW]A. A. Long - 1978 - The Classical Review 28 (02):361-.
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    Zeno and Stoic Consistency.J. M. Rist - 1977 - Phronesis 22 (2):161-174.
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    A Physical Interpretation of the Universe: The Doctrines of Zeno the Stoic.Harold Arthur Kinross Hunt - 1976 - Melbourne University Press.
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    La deixis selon Zénon et Chrysippe.Pierre Pachet - 1975 - Phronesis 20 (3):241-246.
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    Zeno's Cosmology?James Longrigo - 1972 - The Classical Review 22 (02):170-171.
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    Οἰϰείωσις and Οἰϰειότης: Theophrastus and Zeno on Nature in Moral Theory.C. O. Brink - 1956 - Phronesis 1 (2):123 - 145.
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    Theophrastus and Zeno on Nature in Moral Theory.C. O. Brink - 1955 - Phronesis 1 (2):123-145.
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    I Frammenti degli Stoici antichi, vol. i: Zenone. By Nicola Festa. (Filosofi antichi e medievali: collana di testi e di traduzioni.) Pp. viii+128. Bari: Laterza, 1932. Paper, L. 15. [REVIEW]F. H. Sandbach - 1933 - The Classical Review 47 (04):149-.
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    Stoicorum Veterum Fragmenta.Hans Friedrich August von Arnim (ed.) - 1903-24 - Teubner.
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    Berliner Studien Für Classische Philologie Und Archaeologie. Zwölfter Band. Drittes Heft. Zenonis Citiensis de Rebus Physicis Doctrinae Fundamentum Ex Adjectis Fragmentis Constituit Karl Troost. Berlin: Calvary. 1891. Pp. Iv. 88. 3 M. [REVIEW]A. C. Pearson - 1892 - The Classical Review 6 (03):120-121.
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    The Fragments of Zeno and Cleanthes, with Introduction and Explanatory Notes. An Essay Which Obtained the Hare Prize in the Year 1889. By A. C. Pearson, M.A., Late Scholar of Christ's College, Cambridge. London: C. J. Clay and Sons. 1891. [REVIEW]Harold N. Fowler - 1891 - The Classical Review 5 (10):479-480.