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Alan Ross Anderson & Nuel D. Belnap Jr (1959). Modalities in Ackermann's "Rigorous Implication".

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    Contextual Deduction Theorems.J. G. Raftery - 2011 - Studia Logica 99 (1-3):279-319.
    Logics that do not have a deduction-detachment theorem (briefly, a DDT) may still possess a contextual DDT —a syntactic notion introduced here for arbitrary deductive systems, along with a local variant. Substructural logics without sentential constants are natural witnesses to these phenomena. In the presence of a contextual DDT, we can still upgrade many weak completeness results to strong ones, e.g., the finite model property implies the strong finite model property. It turns out that a finitary system has a contextual (...)
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    The Contraction Rule and Decision Problems for Logics Without Structural Rules.Eiji Kiriyama & Hlroakira Ono - 1991 - Studia Logica 50 (2):299 - 319.
    This paper shows a role of the contraction rule in decision problems for the logics weaker than the intuitionistic logic that are obtained by deleting some or all of structural rules. It is well-known that for such a predicate logic L, if L does not have the contraction rule then it is decidable. In this paper, it will be shown first that the predicate logic FLec with the contraction and exchange rules, but without the weakening rule, is undecidable while the (...)
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    The Existence of Matrices Strongly Adequate for E, R and Their Fragments.Marek Tokarz - 1979 - Studia Logica 38 (1):75 - 85.
    A logic is a pair (P,Q) where P is a set of formulas of a fixed propositional language and Q is a set of rules. A formula is deducible from X in the logic (P, Q) if it is deducible from XP via Q. A matrix is strongly adequate to (P, Q) if for any , X, is deducible from X iff for every valuation in , is designated whenever all the formulas in X are. It is proved in the (...)
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    The Semantics of Entailment — III.Richard Routley & Robert K. Meyer - 1972 - Journal of Philosophical Logic 1 (2):192 - 208.
  5.  37
    Tautological Entailments.Alan Ross Anderson & Nuel D. Belnap - 1962 - Philosophical Studies 13 (1-2):9 - 24.