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Alison Bacon, Simon Handley & Stephen Newstead (2003). Individual Differences in Strategies for Syllogistic Reasoning.

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    Strategy Analysis of Non-Consequence Inference with Euler Diagrams.Yuri Sato, Yuichiro Wajima & Kazuhiro Ueda - 2018 - Journal of Logic, Language and Information 27 (1):61-77.
    How can Euler diagrams support non-consequence inferences? Although an inference to non-consequence, in which people are asked to judge whether no valid conclusion can be drawn from the given premises, is one of the two sides of logical inference, it has received remarkably little attention in research on human diagrammatic reasoning; how diagrams are really manipulated for such inferences remains unclear. We hypothesized that people naturally make these inferences by enumerating possible diagrams, based on the logical notion of self-consistency, in (...)
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    Monotonicity and Syllogistic Inference: A Reply to Newstead.Bart Geurts - 2003 - Cognition 90 (2):201-204.
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    Can Natural Language Semantics Explain Syllogistic Reasoning?Stephen E. Newstead - 2003 - Cognition 90 (2):193-199.