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A. J. Baker (1986). Australian Realism: The Systematic Philosophy of John Anderson.

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    Is Critical Regionalist Philosophy Possible?Thorsten Botz-Bornstein - 2010 - Comparative and Continental Philosophy 2 (1):11-25.
    In architecture, the concept of Critical Regionalism gained popularity as a synthesis of universal, “modern” elements and individualistic elements derived from local cultures. Critical Regionalist alternatives are more than a postmodern mix of ethno styles but integrate conceptual qualities like local light, perspective, and tectonic quality into a modern architectural framework. In order to “critically” root architectural works in their corresponding traditions, Critical Regionalists base their conceptual stances on those philosophers that have produced a critical consciousness in European culture like (...)
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    John Dewey, Gothic and Modern.James S. Kaminsky - 2010 - British Journal of Educational Studies 58 (3):249-266.
    It is argued here that understanding John Dewey's thought as that of a prodigal liberal or a fellow traveller does not capture the complexity of his work. It is also important to recognise the portion of his work that is historie morale. In the very best sense it is epic, encapsulating the hopes and dreams of a history of the American people in the early 1900s. It is a work that simultaneously pursues modernity and the past — for the sake (...)
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  3. Samuel Alexander's Emergentism.Carl Gillett - 2006 - Synthese 153 (2):261-296.
    Samuel Alexander was one of the foremost philosophical figures of his day and has been argued by John Passmore to be one of ‘fathers’ of Australian philosophy as well as a novel kind of physicalist. Yet Alexander is now relatively neglected, his role in the genesis of Australian philosophy if far from widely accepted and the standard interpretation takes him to be an anti-physicalist. In this paper, I carefully examine these issues and show that Alexander has been badly, although understandably, (...)
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    John Anderson on Critical Thinking.Paul Hager - 1994 - Educational Philosophy and Theory 26 (1):54–70.