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  1. Constraints on Determinism: Bell Versus Conway–Kochen.Eric Cator & Klaas Landsman - 2014 - Foundations of Physics 44 (7):781-791.
    Bell’s Theorem from Physics 36:1–28 (1964) and the (Strong) Free Will Theorem of Conway and Kochen from Notices AMS 56:226–232 (2009) both exclude deterministic hidden variable theories (or, in modern parlance, ‘ontological models’) that are compatible with some small fragment of quantum mechanics, admit ‘free’ settings of the archetypal Alice and Bob experiment, and satisfy a locality condition akin to parameter independence. We clarify the relationship between these theorems by giving reformulations of both that exactly pinpoint their resemblance and their (...)
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  • Unscrambling the Omelette of Quantum Contextuality : Preexistent Properties or Measurement Outcomes?Christian de Ronde - 2020 - Foundations of Science 25 (1):55-76.
    In this paper we attempt to analyze the physical and philosophical meaning of quantum contextuality. We will argue that there exists a general confusion within the foundational literature arising from the improper “scrambling” of two different meanings of quantum contextuality. While the first one, introduced by Bohr, is related to an epistemic interpretation of contextuality which stresses the incompatibility of measurement situations described in classical terms; the second meaning of contextuality is related to a purely formal understanding of contextuality as (...)
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  • Parity Proofs of the Kochen-Specker Theorem Based on the 24 Rays of Peres.Mordecai Waegell & P. K. Aravind - 2011 - Foundations of Physics 41 (12):1786-1799.
    A diagrammatic representation is given of the 24 rays of Peres that makes it easy to pick out all the 512 parity proofs of the Kochen-Specker theorem contained in them. The origin of this representation in the four-dimensional geometry of the rays is pointed out.
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  • Conway–Kochen and the Finite Precision Loophole.Ronnie Hermens - 2014 - Foundations of Physics 44 (10):1038-1048.
    Recently Cator and Landsman made a comparison between Bell’s Theorem and Conway and Kochen’s Strong Free Will Theorem. Their overall conclusion was that the latter is stronger in that it uses fewer assumptions, but also that it has two shortcomings. Firstly, no experimental test of the Conway–Kochen Theorem has been performed thus far, and, secondly, because the Conway–Kochen Theorem is strongly connected to the Kochen–Specker Theorem it may be susceptible to the finite precision loophole of Meyer, Kent and Clifton. In (...)
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  • The Problem of Contextuality and the Impossibility of Experimental Metaphysics Thereof.Ronnie Hermens - 2011 - Studies in History and Philosophy of Modern Physics 42 (4):214-225.