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Beverly C. Butler & Raymond Klein (2009). Inattentional Blindness for Ignored Words: Comparison of Explicit and Implicit Memory Tasks.

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    Reduced Recognition and Priming in Older Relative to Young Adults for Incidental and Intentional Information.Emma V. Ward - 2018 - Consciousness and Cognition 57:62-73.
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    High-Fidelity Visual Long-Term Memory Within an Unattended Blink of an Eye.Christof Kuhbandner, Elizabeth A. Rosas-Corona & Philipp Spachtholz - 2017 - Frontiers in Psychology 8.
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    Selective Attention Meets Spontaneous Recognition Memory: Evidence for Effects at Retrieval.Katherine C. Moen, Jeremy K. Miller & Marianne E. Lloyd - 2017 - Consciousness and Cognition 49:181-189.
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    Brief Mindfulness Induction Reduces Inattentional Blindness.Timothy P. Schofield, J. David Creswell & Thomas F. Denson - 2015 - Consciousness and Cognition 37:63-70.
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    Representation of Unattended Material in Memory.Yaakov Hoffman & Joseph Tzelgov - 2012 - Consciousness and Cognition 21 (3):1504-1508.
    The current study addresses how information whose processing was not part of task requirement is represented in memory. Using a novel measure, recognition memory for unattended material was assessed twice, once when it appeared with the same attended study target and once with a new target. The data reveal memory for unattended study information only in the old target condition. Results suggest that the entire study event is encoded and represented in a memory trace, which contains both attended target information (...)
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    Beyond Perception: Testing for Implicit Conceptual Traces in High-Load Tasks☆.María Ruz & Luis J. Fuentes - 2009 - Consciousness and Cognition 18 (3):820-822.
    The present commentary addresses the main results obtained in the Butler and Klein [Butler, B. C., & Klein, R. . Inattentional blindness for ignored words: Comparison of explicit and implicit memory tasks. Consciousness and Cognition, 18, 811–819.] study and discusses them in relation to the Perceptual Load Theory of Lavie [Lavie, N. . Perceptual load as a necessary condition for selective attention. Journal of Experimental Psychology: Human Perception and Performance, 21, 451–68.]. The authors claim that the use of implicit indexes (...)
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