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  1. A Coalgebraic Perspective on Logical Interpretations.M. A. Martins, A. Madeira & L. S. Barbosa - 2013 - Studia Logica 101 (4):783-825.
    In Computer Science stepwise refinement of algebraic specifications is a well-known formal methodology for rigorous program development. This paper illustrates how techniques from Algebraic Logic, in particular that of interpretation, understood as a multifunction that preserves and reflects logical consequence, capture a number of relevant transformations in the context of software design, reuse, and adaptation, difficult to deal with in classical approaches. Examples include data encapsulation and the decomposition of operations into atomic transactions. But if interpretations open such a new (...)
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  • Willem Blok's Contribution to Abstract Algebraic Logic.Ramon Jansana - 2006 - Studia Logica 83 (1-3):31-48.
    Willem Blok was one of the founders of the field Abstract Algebraic Logic. The paper describes his research in this field.
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  • Beyond Rasiowa's Algebraic Approach to Non-Classical Logics.Josep Maria Font - 2006 - Studia Logica 82 (2):179-209.
    This paper reviews the impact of Rasiowa's well-known book on the evolution of algebraic logic during the last thirty or forty years. It starts with some comments on the importance and influence of this book, highlighting some of the reasons for this influence, and some of its key points, mathematically speaking, concerning the general theory of algebraic logic, a theory nowadays called Abstract Algebraic Logic. Then, a consideration of the diverse ways in which these key points can be generalized allows (...)
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  • In Memory of Willem Johannes Blok 1947-2003.Joel Berman, Wieslaw Dziobiak, Don Pigozzi & James Raftery - 2006 - Studia Logica 83 (1-3):5-14.
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  • An Algebraic View of Super-Belnap Logics.Hugo Albuquerque, Adam Přenosil & Umberto Rivieccio - 2017 - Studia Logica 105 (6):1051-1086.
    The Belnap–Dunn logic is a well-known and well-studied four-valued logic, but until recently little has been known about its extensions, i.e. stronger logics in the same language, called super-Belnap logics here. We give an overview of several results on these logics which have been proved in recent works by Přenosil and Rivieccio. We present Hilbert-style axiomatizations, describe reduced matrix models, and give a description of the lattice of super-Belnap logics and its connections with graph theory. We adopt the point of (...)
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  • The Simplest Protoalgebraic Logic.Josep Maria Font - 2013 - Mathematical Logic Quarterly 59 (6):435-451.
  • Categorical Abstract Algebraic Logic: Algebraic Semantics for (Documentclass{Article}Usepackage{Amssymb}Begin{Document}Pagestyle{Empty}$Bf{Pi }$End{Document})‐Institutions.George Voutsadakis - 2013 - Mathematical Logic Quarterly 59 (3):177-200.