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Handbook of philosophy of science

In Jeremy Butterfield & John Earman (eds.), Philosophy of Physics. Elsevier (2007)

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  1. The Notion of Locality in Relational Quantum Mechanics.P. Martin-Dussaud, C. Rovelli & F. Zalamea - 2019 - Foundations of Physics 49 (2):96-106.
    The term ‘locality’ is used in different contexts with different meanings. There have been claims that relational quantum mechanics is local, but it is not clear then how it accounts for the effects that go under the usual name of quantum non-locality. The present article shows that the failure of ‘locality’ in the sense of Bell, once interpreted in the relational framework, reduces to the existence of a common cause in an indeterministic context. In particular, there is no need to (...)
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  • “The Postilion's Horn Sounds”: A Complementarity Approach to the Phenomenology of Sound-Consciousness?Paolo Palmieri - 2014 - Husserl Studies 30 (2):129-151.
    In the phenomenology of the consciousness of internal time, Edmund Husserl has frequent recourse to sound and melody as illustrations of the processes that give rise to immanent temporal objects. In Husserl’s analysis, there is a philosophically pregnant tension between the geometrical diagrams representing multiple dimensions of immanent time and his intuition that time-points might be no more than fictions leading to absurdities. In this paper, I will address this tension in order to motivate a complementarity approach to temporal objects (...)
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  • Essential Self-Adjointness: Implications for Determinism and the Classical–Quantum Correspondence.John Earman - 2009 - Synthese 169 (1):27-50.
    It is argued that seemingly “merely technical” issues about the existence and uniqueness of self-adjoint extensions of symmetric operators in quantum mechanics have interesting implications for foundations problems in classical and quantum physics. For example, pursuing these technical issues reveals a sense in which quantum mechanics can cure some of the forms of indeterminism that crop up in classical mechanics; and at the same time it reveals the possibility of a form of indeterminism in quantum mechanics that is quite distinct (...)
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