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Hector-Neri Castañeda (1975). Identity and Sameness.

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    Self‐Differing, Aspects, and Leibniz's Law.Donald L. M. Baxter - 2018 - Noûs 52:900-920.
    I argue that an individual has aspects numerically identical with it and each other that nonetheless qualitatively differ from it and each other. This discernibility of identicals does not violate Leibniz's Law, however, which concerns only individuals and is silent about their aspects. They are not in its domain of quantification. To argue that there are aspects I will appeal to the internal conflicts of conscious beings. I do not mean to imply that aspects are confined to such cases, but (...)
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    Predication, Fiction, and Artificial Intelligence.William J. Rapaport - 1991 - Topoi 10 (1):79-111.
    This paper describes the SNePS knowledge-representation and reasoning system. SNePS is an intensional, propositional, semantic-network processing system used for research in AI. We look at how predication is represented in such a system when it is used for cognitive modeling and natural-language understanding and generation. In particular, we discuss issues in the representation of fictional entities and the representation of propositions from fiction, using SNePS. We briefly survey four philosophical ontological theories of fiction and sketch an epistemological theory of fiction (...)
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    Mally's Heresy and the Logic of Meinong's Object Theory.Dale Jacquette - 1989 - History and Philosophy of Logic 10 (1):1-14.
    The consistent formalization of Meinong's object theory in recent mathematical logic requires either plural modes of predication, or distinct categories of nuclear or constitutive and extranuclear or nonconstitutive properties. The plural modes of predication approach is rejected because it is reducible to the nuclear extranuclear property distinction, but not conversely, and because the nuclear extranuclear property distinction offers a more satisfactory solution to object theory paradoxes.
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    Belief and Intentionality.Alberto Voltolini - 1987 - Topoi 6 (September):121-131.
  5. Logical Foundations for Belief Representation.William Rapaport - 1986 - Cognitive Science 10 (4):371-422.
    This essay presents a philosophical and computational theory of the representation of de re, de dicto, nested, and quasi-indexical belief reports expressed in natural language. The propositional Semantic Network Processing System (SNePS) is used for representing and reasoning about these reports. In particular, quasi-indicators (indexical expressions occurring in intentional contexts and representing uses of indicators by another speaker) pose problems for natural-language representation and reasoning systems, because--unlike pure indicators--they cannot be replaced by coreferential NPs without changing the meaning of the (...)
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    Frege's Paradox of Reference and Castañeda's Guise Theory.Jig -Chuen Lee - 1984 - Philosophical Studies 46 (3):403 - 415.
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    Identity, Intensionality, and Intentionality.James E. Tomberlin - 1984 - Synthese 61 (1):111 - 131.
  8. The Problem of Non-Existents.Kit Fine - 1982 - Topoi 1 (1-2):97-140.
  9.  41
    Perception, Belief, and the Structure of Physical Objects and Consciousness.Hector-Neri Castañeda - 1977 - Synthese 35 (3):285 - 351.
    We have now provided an overall simple theoretical account of the structure of perceptual experience proto-philosophically examined in Part I. The next task is to find the proper logical machinery to formulatte those accounts rigorously.
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    Ontology and Grammar: I. Russell's Paradox and the General Theory of Properties in Natural Language.Hector-Neri Castañeda - 1976 - Theoria 42 (1-3):44-92.