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Daniel Cohnitz & Jussi Haukioja (2015). Intuitions in Philosophical Semantics.

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    Speakers’ Intuitive Judgements About Meaning – The Voice of Performance View.Drożdżowicz Anna - forthcoming - Review of Philosophy and Psychology:1-19.
    Speakers’ intuitive judgements about meaning provide important data for many debates in philosophy of language and pragmatics, including contextualism vs. relativism in semantics; ‘faultless’ disagreement; the limits of truth-conditional semantics; vagueness; and the status of figurative utterances. Is the use of speakers intuitive judgments about meaning justified? Michael Devitt has argued that their use in philosophy of language is problematic because they are fallible empirical judgements about language that reflect speakers’ folk theories about meaning rather than meaning itself. In this (...)
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