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Truth in Mathematics

Oxford University Press, Usa (1998)

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  1. Multiverse Conceptions in Set Theory.Carolin Antos, Sy-David Friedman, Radek Honzik & Claudio Ternullo - 2015 - Synthese 192 (8):2463-2488.
    We review different conceptions of the set-theoretic multiverse and evaluate their features and strengths. In Sect. 1, we set the stage by briefly discussing the opposition between the ‘universe view’ and the ‘multiverse view’. Furthermore, we propose to classify multiverse conceptions in terms of their adherence to some form of mathematical realism. In Sect. 2, we use this classification to review four major conceptions. Finally, in Sect. 3, we focus on the distinction between actualism and potentialism with regard to the (...)
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  • An Axiomatic Theory of Well-Orderings.Oliver Deiser - 2011 - Review of Symbolic Logic 4 (2):186-204.
    We introduce a new simple first-order framework for theories whose objects are well-orderings (lists). A system ALT (axiomatic list theory) is presented and shown to be equiconsistent with ZFC (Zermelo Fraenkel Set Theory with the Axiom of Choice). The theory sheds new light on the power set axiom and on Gs axiom of constructibility. In list theory there are strong arguments favoring Gs axiom, while a bare analogon of the set theoretic power set axiom looks artificial. In fact, there is (...)
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