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David Deutsch (1986). On Wheeler's Notion of “Law Without Law” in Physics.

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    Law Without Law or “Just” Limit Theorems?Sergio Caprara & Angelo Vulpiani - 2018 - Foundations of Physics 48 (9):1112-1127.
    About 35 years ago Wheeler introduced the motto “law without law” to highlight the possibility that Physics may be understood only following regularity principles and few relevant facts, rather than relying on a treatment in terms of fundamental theories. Such a proposal can be seen as part of a more general attempt summarized by the slogan “it from bit”, which privileges the information as the basic ingredient. Apparently it seems that it is possible to obtain, without the use of physical (...)
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    Looking for Those Natural Numbers: Dimensionless Constants and the Idea of Natural Measurement.Philip Mirowski - 1992 - Science in Context 5 (1).
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