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Igor Douven & Jonah N. Schupbach (2015). The Role of Explanatory Considerations in Updating.

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    Inference to the Best Explanation Made Incoherent.Nevin Climenhaga - forthcoming - Journal of Philosophy.
    Defenders of Inference to the Best Explanation (IBE) claim that explanatory factors should play an important role in empirical inference. They disagree, however, about how exactly to formulate this role. In particular, they disagree about whether to formulate IBE as an inference rule for full beliefs or for degrees of belief, and, if it is formulated as a rule for degrees of belief, how this rule relates to Bayesianism. In this essay I advance a new argument against non-Bayesian versions of (...)
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    Explanatory Preferences Shape Learning and Inference.Tania Lombrozo - forthcoming - Trends in Cognitive Sciences.