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Paul Edwards (1997). Reincarnation: A Critical Examination.

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    Revisiting the Rationality of Reincarnation Talk.Ankur Barua - 2015 - International Journal of Philosophy and Theology 76 (3):218-231.
    A survey of the key arguments that have been developed for and against the rationality of belief in reincarnation shows that often the central dispute is not over what the ‘data’ are but how to assess the ‘data’ from specific metaphysical–hermeneutical horizons. By examining some of these arguments formulated by Hindu thinkers as well as their critiques – from the perspectives of metaphysical naturalism and Christian theology – we argue that one of the reasons why these debates remain intractable is (...)
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    Karma, Morality, and Evil.Mikel Burley - 2014 - Philosophy Compass 9 (6):415-430.
    The doctrine of karma has been praised as a rational and morally edifying explanatory response to the existence of evil and apparent injustice in the world. Critics have attacked it as a morally misguided dogma that distorts one's vision of reality. This essay, after outlining the traditional doctrine, examines three criticisms that have been central to recent debates: firstly, that the doctrine offers no practical guidance; second, that it faces a dilemma between free will and fatalism; and third, that it (...)
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    Retributive Karma and the Problem of Blaming the Victim.Mikel Burley - 2013 - International Journal for Philosophy of Religion 74 (2):149-165.
    A defining feature of retributive conceptions of karma is their regarding of suffering or misfortune as consequent upon sins committed in previous lives. Some critical non-believers in karma take offence at this view, considering it to involve unjustly blaming the victim. Defenders of the view demur, and argue that a belief in retributive karma in fact provides a motivation for benevolent action. This article elucidates the debate, showing that its depth is such that it is best characterized as a disagreement (...)
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    Reincarnation and Infinite Punishment in Hell.Gianluca Di Muzio - 2013 - International Journal for Philosophy of Religion 74 (2):167-180.
    In the first part of the paper, I argue that Christians should incorporate the theory of reincarnation into their belief system. The problem of the apparent disproportion between finite human sin and infinite punishment in Hell becomes far more tractable against the background of reincarnation. In the second part of the paper, I address and answer three objections that may be raised against a Christian theory of reincarnation. The first objection is based on the role of memory in identity, the (...)
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