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In What Sense Do Modern Argumentation Theories Relate to Aristotle? The Case of Pragma-Dialectics

In Scott Jacobs, Sally Jackson, Frans Eemeren & Frans H. van Eemeren (eds.), Reasonableness and Effectiveness in Argumentative Discourse: Fifty Contributions to the Development of Pragma-Dialectics. Cham, Switzerland: Springer Verlag. pp. 49-70 (2015)

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  1. Identifying Argumentative Patterns: A Vital Step in the Development of Pragma-Dialectics.Frans H. van Eemeren - 2016 - Argumentation 30 (1):1-23.
    This paper serves as an introduction to the special issue on argumentative patterns in discourse, more in particular on argumentative patterns with pragmatic argumentation as a main argument that are prototypical of argumentative discourse in certain communicative activity types in the political, the legal, the medical, and the academic domain. It situates the studies of argumentative patterns reported in these papers in the pragma-dialectical research program. In order to be able to do so, it is first explained in which consecutive (...)
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  • Dialogue Protocols for Formal Fallacies.Magdalena Kacprzak & Olena Yaskorska - 2014 - Argumentation 28 (3):349-369.
    This paper presents a dialogue system called Lorenzen–Hamblin Natural Dialogue (LHND), in which participants can commit formal fallacies and have a method of both identifying and withdrawing formal fallacies. It therefore provides a tool for the dialectical evaluation of force of argument when players advance reasons which are deductively incorrect. The system is inspired by Hamblin’s formal dialectic and Lorenzen’s dialogical logic. It offers uniform protocols for Hamblin’s and Lorenzen’s dialogues and adds a protocol for embedding them. This unification required (...)
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  • Exploring Arguments Presented in Predatory Journals Using Toulmin’s Model of Argumentation.Saman Ebadi, Soroor Ashtarian & Gerannaz Zamani - 2020 - Journal of Academic Ethics 18 (4):435-449.
    In the academic community, predatory publishers are exploiting academic integrity and the open access publishing model. Academicians receive numerous spam e-mail messages inviting article submissions each day which deceive authors by promising fast review and publication. The content of these emails present arguments in a way to appear as legitimate and valid to grab the attention of authors. Therefore, the aim of this paper is to advance insights into the arguments deployed by fake journals in their attempt to convey specific (...)
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  • Associating Ethos with Objects: Reasoning from Character of Public Figures to Actions in the World.Katarzyna Budzynska, Marcin Koszowy & Martín Pereira-Fariña - 2021 - Argumentation 35 (4):519-549.
    Ethotic arguments, such as arguments from expert opinion and ad hominem arguments, play an important role in communication practice. In this paper, we argue that there is another type of reasoning from ethos, in which people argue about actions in the world. These subspecies of ethotic arguments are very common in public debates: societies are involved in heated disputes about what should be done with monuments of historical figures such as Stalin or Colston: Should we demolish the building they funded? (...)
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