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Cognitive adaptations of social bonding in birds

In Nathan Emery, Nicola Clayton & Chris Frith (eds.), Social Intelligence: From Brain to Culture. Oxford University Press (2007)

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  1. Logic and Social Cognition: The Facts Matter, and so do Computational Models.Rineke Verbrugge - 2009 - Journal of Philosophical Logic 38 (6):649-680.
    This article takes off from Johan van Benthem’s ruminations on the interface between logic and cognitive science in his position paper “Logic and reasoning: Do the facts matter?”. When trying to answer Van Benthem’s question whether logic can be fruitfully combined with psychological experiments, this article focuses on a specific domain of reasoning, namely higher-order social cognition, including attributions such as “Bob knows that Alice knows that he wrote a novel under pseudonym”. For intelligent interaction, it is important that the (...)
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  • Explaining brain size variation: from social to cultural brain.Carel P. van Schaik, Karin Isler & Judith M. Burkart - 2012 - Trends in Cognitive Sciences 16 (5):277-284.
  • ‘Unwilling’ versus ‘unable’: Do grey parrots understand human intentional actions?Franck Péron, Lauriane Rat-Fischer, Laurent Nagle & Dalila Bovet - 2010 - Interaction Studies 11 (3):428-441.
  • The Evolution of Cognitive Control.Dietrich Stout - 2010 - Topics in Cognitive Science 2 (4):614-630.
    One of the key challenges confronting cognitive science is to discover natural categories of cognitive function. Of special interest is the unity or diversity of cognitive control mechanisms. Evolutionary history is an underutilized resource that, together with neuropsychological and neuroscientific evidence, can help to provide a biological ground for the fractionation of cognitive control. Comparative evidence indicates that primate brain evolution has produced dissociable mechanisms for external action control and internal self-regulation, but that most real-world behaviors rely on a combination (...)
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  • How Can We Study the Evolution of Animal Minds?Maxime Cauchoix & Alexis S. Chaine - 2016 - Frontiers in Psychology 7.
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