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John Searle

Routledge (2000)

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  1. Critical Notice/Études critiqueJohn Searle’s Making the Social World.Jeffrey Hershfield - 2011 - Dialogue 50 (4):759-778.
  • Understanding the Background Conditions of Skilled Movement in Sport: A Study of Searle's 'Background Capacities'.Vegard Fusche Moe - 2007 - Sport, Ethics and Philosophy 1 (3):299 – 324.
    In this paper I take up John Searle's account of ?Background capacities? to render intelligible the presupposed and hidden aspects of the background conditions that enable the performance of skilled movement. The paper begins with a review of Searle's initial account of Background capacities and how this picture can be applied to account for skilled movement in sport. Then an objection to this picture is addressed, claiming that Searle's initial picture might ?overrepresentationalise? background conditions. Moreover, this objection prompts how Searle (...)
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  • A Philosophical Critique of Classical Cognitivism in Sport: From Information Processing to Bodily Background Knowledge.Vegard Fusche Moe - 2005 - Journal of the Philosophy of Sport 32 (2):155-183.
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  • Military Ethics of Fighting Terror: Response†.Asa Kasher & Amos Yadlin - 2005 - Journal of Military Ethics 4 (1):60-70.
    We are grateful to Professors Nick Fotion, Bashshar Haydar and David L. Perry for their illuminating discussions of our paper, ?Military ethics of fighting terror: An Israeli perspective?, published in the present issue of the Journal of Military Ethics. We also thank the editors of the Journal for allowing us to add the present response. Professors Fotion, Haydar and Perry raise many significant issues. We will, however, presently address just a few of them, leaving the discussion of the other interesting (...)
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  • Rule Following and the Background.Jeffrey Hershfield - 2004 - Linguistics and Philosophy 28 (3):269 - 280.
    . In his work on language John Searle favors an Austinian approach that emphasizes the speech act as the basic unit of meaning and communication, and which sees speaking a language as engaging in a rule-governed form of behavior. He couples this with a strident opposition to cognitivist approaches that posit unconscious rule following as the causal basis of linguistic competence. In place of unconscious rule following Searle posits what he calls the Background, comprised of nonintentional (nonrepresentational) mental phenomena. I (...)
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  • Searle on the Unity of the World.Daniel D. Novotny - 2007 - Axiomathes 17 (1):41-51.
    According to mentalism some existing things are endowed with (subjectively) conscious minds. According to physicalism all existing things consist entirely of physical particles in fields of force. Searle holds that mentalism and physicalism are compatible and true.
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