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De la Logique Interne

Vrin (1991)

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  1. La Descente Infinie, l'Induction Transfinie Et le Tiers Exclu.Yvon Gauthier - 2009 - Dialogue 48 (1):1.
    ABSTRACT: It is argued that the equivalence, which is usually postulated to hold between infinite descent and transfinite induction in the foundations of arithmetic uses the law of excluded middle through the use of a double negation on the infinite set of natural numbers and therefore cannot be admitted in intuitionistic logic and mathematics, and a fortiori in more radical constructivist foundational schemes. Moreover it is shown that the infinite descent used in Dedekind-Peano arithmetic does not correspond to the infinite (...)
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  • Wittgenstein and Finitism.Mathieu Marion - 1995 - Synthese 105 (2):141 - 176.
    In this paper, elementary but hitherto overlooked connections are established between Wittgenstein's remarks on mathematics, written during his transitional period, and free-variable finitism. After giving a brief description of theTractatus Logico-Philosophicus on quantifiers and generality, I present in the first section Wittgenstein's rejection of quantification theory and his account of general arithmetical propositions, to use modern jargon, as claims (as opposed to statements). As in Skolem's primitive recursive arithmetic and Goodstein's equational calculus, Wittgenstein represented generality by the use of free (...)
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