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  1. Natural Deduction for Bi-Intuitionistic Logic.Luca Tranchini - 2017 - Journal of Applied Logic 25:S72-S96.
    We present a multiple-assumption multiple-conclusion system for bi-intuitionistic logic. Derivations in the systems are graphs whose edges are labelled by formulas and whose nodes are labelled by rules. We show how to embed both the standard intuitionistic and dual-intuitionistic natural deduction systems into the proposed system. Soundness and completeness are established using translations with more traditional sequent calculi for bi-intuitionistic logic.
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  • Modal Logics with Belnapian Truth Values.Serge P. Odintsov & Heinrich Wansing - 2010 - Journal of Applied Non-Classical Logics 20 (3):279-304.
    Various four- and three-valued modal propositional logics are studied. The basic systems are modal extensions BK and BS4 of Belnap and Dunn's four-valued logic of firstdegree entailment. Three-valued extensions of BK and BS4 are considered as well. These logics are introduced semantically by means of relational models with two distinct evaluation relations, one for verification and the other for falsification. Axiom systems are defined and shown to be sound and complete with respect to the relational semantics and with respect to (...)
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  • Constructive Negation, Implication, and Co-Implication.Heinrich Wansing - 2008 - Journal of Applied Non-Classical Logics 18 (2-3):341-364.
    In this paper, a family of paraconsistent propositional logics with constructive negation, constructive implication, and constructive co-implication is introduced. Although some fragments of these logics are known from the literature and although these logics emerge quite naturally, it seems that none of them has been considered so far. A relational possible worlds semantics as well as sound and complete display sequent calculi for the logics under consideration are presented.
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  • Proofs, Disproofs, and Their Duals.Heinrich Wansing - 2010 - In Lev Beklemishev, Valentin Goranko & Valentin Shehtman (eds.), Advances in Modal Logic, Volume 8. CSLI Publications. pp. 483-505.
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  • Symmetric and Dual Paraconsistent Logics.Norihiro Kamide & Heinrich Wansing - 2010 - Logic and Logical Philosophy 19 (1-2):7-30.
    Two new first-order paraconsistent logics with De Morgan-type negations and co-implication, called symmetric paraconsistent logic (SPL) and dual paraconsistent logic (DPL), are introduced as Gentzen-type sequent calculi. The logic SPL is symmetric in the sense that the rule of contraposition is admissible in cut-free SPL. By using this symmetry property, a simpler cut-free sequent calculus for SPL is obtained. The logic DPL is not symmetric, but it has the duality principle. Simple semantics for SPL and DPL are introduced, and the (...)
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