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Anil Gupta (1989). XV—Remarks on Definitions and the Concept of Truth.

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    Guest Editors’ Introduction.Riccardo Bruni & Shawn Standefer - forthcoming - Journal of Philosophical Logic:1-9.
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    Revision Without Revision Sequences: Circular Definitions.Edoardo Rivello - forthcoming - Journal of Philosophical Logic:1-29.
    The classical theory of definitions bans so-called circular definitions, namely, definitions of a unary predicate P, based on stipulations of the form $$Px =_{\mathsf {Df}} \phi,$$where ϕ is a formula of a fixed first-order language and the definiendum P occurs into the definiensϕ. In their seminal book The Revision Theory of Truth, Gupta and Belnap claim that “General theories of definitions are possible within which circular definitions [...] make logical and semantic sense” [p. IX]. In order to sustain their claim, (...)
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    Non-Well-Founded Sets Via Revision Rules.Gian Aldo Antonelli - 1994 - Journal of Philosophical Logic 23 (6):633 - 679.
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    Zero-Place Operations and Functional Completeness, and the Definition of New Connectives.I. L. Humberstone - 1993 - History and Philosophy of Logic 14 (1):39-66.
    Tarski 1968 makes a move in the course of providing an account of ?definitionally equivalent? classes of algebras with a businesslike lack of fanfare and commentary, the significance of which may accordingly be lost on the casual reader. In ?1 we present this move as a response to a certain difficulty in the received account of what it is to define a function symbol (or ?operation symbol?). This difficulty, which presents itself as a minor technicality needing to be got around (...)
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