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  1. Destruction or Preservation as You Like It.Joel David Hamkins - 1998 - Annals of Pure and Applied Logic 91 (2-3):191-229.
    The Gap Forcing Theorem, a key contribution of this paper, implies essentially that after any reverse Easton iteration of closed forcing, such as the Laver preparation, every supercompactness measure on a supercompact cardinal extends a measure from the ground model. Thus, such forcing can create no new supercompact cardinals, and, if the GCH holds, neither can it increase the degree of supercompactness of any cardinal; in particular, it can create no new measurable cardinals. In a crescendo of what I call (...)
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  • The Axiom of Infinity and Transformations J: V → V.Paul Corazza - 2010 - Bulletin of Symbolic Logic 16 (1):37-84.
    We suggest a new approach for addressing the problem of establishing an axiomatic foundation for large cardinals. An axiom asserting the existence of a large cardinal can naturally be viewed as a strong Axiom of Infinity. However, it has not been clear on the basis of our knowledge of ω itself, or of generally agreed upon intuitions about the true nature of the mathematical universe, what the right strengthening of the Axiom of Infinity is—which large cardinals ought to be derivable? (...)
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  • The Lottery Preparation.Joel David Hamkins - 2000 - Annals of Pure and Applied Logic 101 (2-3):103-146.
    The lottery preparation, a new general kind of Laver preparation, works uniformly with supercompact cardinals, strongly compact cardinals, strong cardinals, measurable cardinals, or what have you. And like the Laver preparation, the lottery preparation makes these cardinals indestructible by various kinds of further forcing. A supercompact cardinal κ, for example, becomes fully indestructible by <κ-directed closed forcing; a strong cardinal κ becomes indestructible by κ-strategically closed forcing; and a strongly compact cardinal κ becomes indestructible by, among others, the forcing to (...)
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  • What is the Theory ZFC Without Power Set?Victoria Gitman, Joel David Hamkins & Thomas A. Johnstone - 2016 - Mathematical Logic Quarterly 62 (4-5):391-406.
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  • The Large Cardinals Between Supercompact and Almost-Huge.Norman Lewis Perlmutter - 2015 - Archive for Mathematical Logic 54 (3-4):257-289.