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  1. Theory-Assessment in the Historiography of Science.James W. McAllister - 1986 - British Journal for the Philosophy of Science 37 (3):315-333.
    This paper argues that evaluation of the truth and rationality of past scientific theories is both possible and profitable. The motivation for this enterprise is traced to recent discussions by I. Lakatos, L. Laudan and others on the import of history for the philosophy of science; several objections to it are considered and T. S. Kuhn is found to advance the most substantive. An argument for establishing judgements of rationality and truth in the face of scientific revolutions is presented; finally (...)
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  • More Clothes From the Emperor's Bargain Basement. [REVIEW]Paul K. Feyerabend - 1981 - British Journal for the Philosophy of Science 32 (1):57-71.
  • Kuhn and the Quantum Controversy. [REVIEW]Peter Galison - 1981 - British Journal for the Philosophy of Science 32 (1):71-85.
  • Towards a Theory of Mathematical Research Programmes (II).Michael Hallett - 1979 - British Journal for the Philosophy of Science 30 (2):135-159.
  • Cognitive Values, Theory Choice, and Pluralism: On the Grounds and Implications of Philosophical Diversity.Guy Stanwood Axtell - 1991 - Dissertation, University of Hawai'i
    This dissertation focuses on the development of a pragmatic account of normative discourse. The approach taken to the subject of study is metaphilosophical. Prevalent contemporary treatments of norm governance and cognitive evaluation, are examined in light of background metaphilosophical views adopted by such schools as logical empiricism, pragmatism, and schools associated with contemporary sociology of scientific knowledge. I examine metaphilosophical assumptions that pre-structure treatment of conceptual issues such as belief-modification, theory choice, and explanation, pursuing these issues across a wide range (...)
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  • The Existence of Mind-Independent Physical Objects.Leslie Allan - manuscript
    The author challenges both the eliminative idealist's contention that physical objects do not exist and the phenomenalist idealist's view that statements about physical objects are translatable into statements about private mental experiences. Firstly, he details how phenomenalist translations are parasitic on the realist assumption that physical objects exist independently of experience. Secondly, the author confronts eliminative idealism head on by exposing its heuristic sterility in contrast with realism's predictive success.
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  • The Mind/Brain Identity Theory: A Critical Appraisal.Leslie Allan - manuscript
    The materialist version of the mind/brain identity theory has met with considerable challenges from philosophers of mind. The author first dispenses with a popular objection to the theory based on the law of indiscernibility of identicals. By means of discussing the vexatious problem of phenomenal qualities, he explores how the debate may be advanced by seeing each dualist and monist ontology through the lens of an evolutionary epistemology. The author suggests that by regarding each ontology as the core of a (...)
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  • Feyerabend's Discourse Against Method: A Marxist Critique.J. Curthoys & W. Suchting - 1977 - Inquiry: An Interdisciplinary Journal of Philosophy 20 (1-4):243 – 371.
  • Formalist Rationality: The Limitations of Popper's Theory of Reason.C. A. Hooker - 1981 - Metaphilosophy 12 (3-4):247-264.