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Lloyd Humberstone (2005). Béziau's Translation Paradox.

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    Zolin and Pizzi: Defining Necessity From Noncontingency.Lloyd Humberstone - 2013 - Erkenntnis 78 (6):1275-1302.
    The point of the present paper is to draw attention to some interesting similarities, as well as differences, between the approaches to the logic of noncontingency of Evgeni Zolin and of Claudio Pizzi. Though neither of them refers to the work of the other, each is concerned with the definability of a (normally behaving, though not in general truth-implying) notion of necessity in terms of noncontingency, standard boolean connectives and additional but non-modal expressive resources. The notion of definability involved is (...)
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    New Dimensions on Translations Between Logics.Walter A. Carnielli, Marcelo E. Coniglio & Itala M. L. D'Ottaviano - 2009 - Logica Universalis 3 (1):1-18.
    After a brief promenade on the several notions of translations that appear in the literature, we concentrate on three paradigms of translations between logics: ( conservative ) translations , transfers and contextual translations . Though independent, such approaches are here compared and assessed against questions about the meaning of a translation and about comparative strength and extensibility of a logic with respect to another.
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    What is a Logic Translation?Till Mossakowski, Răzvan Diaconescu & Andrzej Tarlecki - 2009 - Logica Universalis 3 (1):95-124.
    We study logic translations from an abstract perspective, without any commitment to the structure of sentences and the nature of logical entailment, which also means that we cover both proof- theoretic and model-theoretic entailment. We show how logic translations induce notions of logical expressiveness, consistency strength and sublogic, leading to an explanation of paradoxes that have been described in the literature. Connectives and quantifiers, although not present in the definition of logic and logic translation, can be recovered by their abstract (...)
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    Modal Logic for Other-World Agnostics: Neutrality and Halldén Incompleteness.Lloyd Humberstone - 2006 - Journal of Philosophical Logic 36 (1):1-32.
    The logic of 'elsewhere,' i.e., of a sentence operator interpretable as attaching to a formula to yield a formula true at a point in a Kripke model just in case the first formula is true at all other points in the model, has been applied in settings in which the points in question represent spatial positions, as well as in the case in which they represent moments of time. This logic is applied here to the alethic modal case, in which (...)
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  5. Contrariety and Subcontrariety: The Anatomy of Negation (with Special Reference to an Example of J.-Y. Béziau).Lloyd Humberstone - 2005 - Theoria 71 (3):241-262.
    We discuss aspects of the logic of negation bearing on an issue raised by Jean-Yves Béziau, recalled in §1. Contrary- and subcontrary-forming operators are introduced in §2, which examines some of their logical behaviour, leading on naturally to a consideration in §3 of dual intuitionistic negation (as well as implication), and some further operators related to intuitionistic negation. In §4, a historical explanation is suggested as to why some of these negation-related connectives have attracted more attention than others. The remaining (...)
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