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Tomislav Ivezić (2003). The Proof That the Standard Transformations of E and B Are Not the Lorentz Transformations.

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    Trouton–Noble Paradox Revisited.Tomislav Ivezić - 2007 - Foundations of Physics 37 (4-5):747-760.
    An apparent paradox is obtained in all previous treatments of the Trouton–Noble experiment; there is a three-dimensional (3D) torque T in an inertial frame S in which a thin parallel-plate capacitor is moving, but there is no 3D torque T′ in S′, the rest frame of the capacitor. Different explanations are offered for the existence of another 3D torque, which is equal in magnitude but of opposite direction giving that the total 3D torque is zero. In this paper, it is (...)
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    Four-Dimensional Geometric Quantities Versus the Usual Three-Dimensional Quantities: The Resolution of Jackson’s Paradox. [REVIEW]Tomislav Ivezić - 2006 - Foundations of Physics 36 (10):1511-1534.
    In this paper we present definitions of different four-dimensional (4D) geometric quantities (Clifford multivectors). New decompositions of the torque N and the angular momentum M (bivectors) into 1-vectors Ns, Nt and Ms, Mt, respectively, are given. The torques Ns, Nt (the angular momentums Ms, Mt), taken together, contain the same physical information as the bivector N (the bivector M). The usual approaches that deal with the 3D quantities $\varvec{E,\,B,\,F,\,L,\,N}$ etc. and their transformations are objected from the viewpoint of the invariant (...)
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