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Simo Knuuttila & Anja Inkeri Lehtinen (1979). Change and Contradiction: A Fourteenth-Century Controversy.

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  1. The Limit Decision Problem and Four-Dimensionalism.Costa Damiano - 2017 - Vivarium 55 (1-3):199-216.
    I argue that medieval solutions to the limit decision problem imply four-dimensionalism, i.e. the view according to which substances that persist through time are extended through time as well as through space, and have different temporal parts at different times.
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    John of Jandun on Relations and Cambridge Changes†.Aurélien Robert - 2016 - British Journal for the History of Philosophy 24 (3):490-511.
    The paradigmatic examples of what we call nowadays ‘mere Cambridge changes’ are relational properties. If someone is on the left of a table at t − 1 and on the right of this table at t, the table does not undergo a physical change, but it has nonetheless new relational properties. What kind of relation lies behind this kind of change? Should we abandon the definition of identity as a set of permanent properties through time? This concern with identity and (...)
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    Negation and Temporal Ontology.Tero Tulenheimo - 2011 - Australasian Journal of Philosophy 89 (1):101-114.
    G. H. von Wright proposed that a temporal interval exemplifies a real contradiction if at least one part of any division of this interval involves the presence of contradictorily related (though non-simultaneous) states. In connection with intervals, two negations must be discerned: 'does not hold at an interval' and 'fails throughout an interval'. Von Wright did not distinguish the two. As a consequence, he made a mistake in indicating how to use his logical symbolism to express the notion of real (...)
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    Giles of Rome on the Instant of Change.Cecilia Trifogli - 1993 - Synthese 96 (1):93 - 114.