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Lev Kreft (2012). Sport as a Drama.

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    An Agon Aesthetics of Football.Steffen Borge - 2015 - Sport, Ethics and Philosophy 9 (2):97-123.
    In this article, I first address the ethical considerations about football and show that a meritocratic-fairness view of sports fails to capture the phenomenon of football. Fairness of result is not at centre stage in football. Football is about the drama, about the tension and the emotions it provokes. This moves us to the realm of aesthetics. I reject the idea of the aesthetics of football as the disinterested aesthetic appreciation, which traditionally has been deemed central to aesthetics. Instead, I (...)
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    Readjusting Our Sporting Sites/Sight: Sportification and the Theatricality of Social Life.Ivo Jirásek & Geoffery Zain Kohe - 2015 - Sport, Ethics and Philosophy 9 (3):257-270.
    This paper points out the potential of using sport for the analysis of society. Cultivated human movement is a specific social and cultural subsystem, yet it becomes a part of wider social discourses by extending some of its characteristics into various other spheres. This process, theorised as sportification, provides as useful concept to examine the permeation of certain phenomena from the area of sport into the social reality outside of sport. In this paper, we investigate the phenomena of sportification which (...)
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    Aesthetic Imagination in Football.Lev Kreft - 2015 - Sport, Ethics and Philosophy 9 (2):124-139.
    In my previous texts on aesthetics of sport and of football, the accent was on dramatic aesthetic properties and on everyday aesthetics as a proper framework for the aesthetics of sport in general and football in particular. Here, following this starting point, the character of football as a game of social interactions and its character of purposive sport are examined, to find out what could be the most important aesthetic condition for playing the game and being-in-the-game. To get at the (...)
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    Express Yourself: The Value of Theatricality in Soccer.Kenneth Aggerholm - 2013 - Journal of the Philosophy of Sport 40 (2):205 - 224.
    The purpose of this paper is to study the expressive part of game performance in soccer by introducing the concept of theatricality to describe a special form of expression. The aim is to contribute to the understanding of game performance by looking into the appearance, role and value of theatricality. The main argument of the paper is that theatricality can describe an important, but rarely noticed performance aspect, as it provides a unifying concept for expressive distancing in four dimensions of (...)
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