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In Helen Frowe & Gerald Lang (eds.), How We Fight: Ethics in War. Oxford University Press (2014)

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  1. Self-Defense, Forfeiture, and Necessity.David Alm - forthcoming - Philosophical Papers:1-24.
    The thesis of this paper is that it is possible to explain why a culpable aggressor forfeits his right not to suffer the harm necessary to prevent his aggression if a killer forfeits his right to life. I argue that this strategy accounts also for the necessity restriction on self-defense. I respond to several objections, including the worry that it makes no sense to attempt a derivation of the relatively uncontroversial from the highly controversial.
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  • Forfeiture and the Right to a Fair Trial.Gerald Lang - forthcoming - Criminal Law and Philosophy:1-11.
    In his Rights Forfeiture and Punishment, Christopher Heath Wellman argues that his preferred ‘strong’ version of rights forfeiture theory makes the moral rights of due process and a fair trial null and void for guilty offenders. They may still possess legal rights to due process, but these are not strong pre-institutional moral rights. I explain here why I disagree with Wellman. I also suggest that he is not entitled, by his own lights, to affirm strong forfeiture theory, at least in (...)
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