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Lawrence J. Schneiderman, Todd Gilmer, Holly D. Teetzel, Daniel O. Dugan, Paula Goodman-Crews & Felicia Cohn (2006). Dissatisfaction with Ethics Consultations: The Anna Karenina Principle.

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    Preventive Ethics Through Expanding Education.Anita Ho, Lisa Mei-Hwa MacDonald & David Unger - 2016 - HEC Forum 28 (1):69-74.
    Healthcare institutions have been making increasing efforts to standardize consultation methodology and to accredit both bioethics training programs and the consultants accordingly. The focus has traditionally been on the ethics consultation as the relevant unit of ethics intervention. Outcome measures are studied in relation to consultations, and the hidden assumption is that consultations are the preferred or best way to address day-to-day ethical dilemmas. Reflecting on the data from an internal quality improvement survey and the literature, we argue that having (...)
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    Neglected Ends: Clinical Ethics Consultation and the Prospects for Closure.Autumn Fiester - 2015 - American Journal of Bioethics 15 (1):29-36.
    Clinical ethics consultations are sometimes deemed complete at the moment when the consultants make a recommendation. In CECs that involve actual ethical conflict, this view of a consult's endpoint runs the risk of overemphasizing the conflict's resolution at the expense of the consult's process, which can have deleterious effects on the various parties in the conflict. This overly narrow focus on reaching a decision or recommendation in consults that involve profound moral disagreement can result in two types of adverse, lingering (...)
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    Clinical Ethics Consultation: A Need for Evidence.David Magnus - 2015 - American Journal of Bioethics 15 (1):1-2.
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    Evaluation of Clinical Ethics Support Services and its Normativity.J. Schildmann, B. Molewijk, L. Benaroyo, R. Forde & G. Neitzke - 2013 - Journal of Medical Ethics 39 (11):681-685.
    Evaluation of clinical ethics support services (CESS) has attracted considerable interest in recent decades. However, few evaluation studies are explicit about normative presuppositions which underlie the goals and the research design of CESS evaluation. In this paper, we provide an account of normative premises of different approaches to CESS evaluation and argue that normativity should be a focus of considerations when designing and conducting evaluation research of CESS. In a first step, we present three different approaches to CESS evaluation from (...)
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    Health Care Ethics Consultation: An Update on Core Competencies and Emerging Standards From the American Society for Bioethics and Humanities' Core Competencies Update Task Force.Anita Tarzian - 2013 - American Journal of Bioethics 13 (2):3-13.
    Ethics consultation has become an integral part of the fabric of U.S. health care delivery. This article summarizes the second edition of the Core Competencies for Health Care Ethics Consultation report of the American Society for Bioethics and Humanities. The core knowledge and skills competencies identified in the first edition of Core Competencies have been adopted by various ethics consultation services and education programs, providing evidence of their endorsement as health care ethics consultation standards. This revised report was prompted by (...)
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    Evaluating Parents' Perspectives of Pediatric Ethics Consultation.Frances Rieth Ward - 2013 - HEC Forum 25 (2):183-189.
    Ethics consultation is a familiar concept to clinicians, and there are site-specific guidelines detailing procedures for both obtaining and performing these consults. Evaluative data about clinician experiences with ethics consults are becoming more extensive but information about family experiences, especially parent perceptions, of the same is lacking. Without a better understanding of those family experiences, an evidence base for ethics consultations cannot be built. This manuscript describes the reasons for obtaining this necessary information, details prior research designed to obtain knowledge (...)
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    CQ Sources/Bibliography.Bette Anton - 2009 - Cambridge Quarterly of Healthcare Ethics 18 (2):155.
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    Failure to Thrive or Refusal to Adapt? Missing Links in the Evolution From Ethics Committee to Ethics Program.Walter Davis - 2006 - HEC Forum 18 (4):291-297.
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    CQ Sources/Bibliography.Bette Anton - 1999 - Cambridge Quarterly of Healthcare Ethics 8 (4):348-350.
    These CQ Sources were compiled by Bette Anton.
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