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  1. Bridging the Gap: Does Closure to Efficient Causation Entail Quantum-Like Attributes?José Raúl Naranjo - 2011 - Axiomathes 21 (2):315-330.
    This paper explores the similarities between the conceptual structure of quantum theory and relational biology as developed within the Rashevsky-Rosen-Louie school of theoretical biology. With this aim, generalized quantum theory and the abstract formalism of (M,R)-systems are briefly presented. In particular, the notion of organizational invariance and relational identity are formalized mathematically and a particular example is given. Several quantum-like attributes of Rosen’s complex systems such as complementarity and nonseparability are discussed. Taken together, this work emphasizes the possible role of (...)
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  • Kinetic Models of (M-R)-Systems.J. A. Prideaux - 2011 - Axiomathes 21 (3):373-392.
    Kinetic models using enzyme kinetics are developed for the three ways that Louie proved that Rosen’s minimal (M-R)-System can be closed to efficient cause; i.e., how the “replication” component can itself be entailed from within the system. The kinetic models are developed using the techniques of network thermodynamics. As a demonstration, each model is simulated using a SPICE circuit simulator using arbitrarily chosen rate constants. The models are built from SPICE sub-circuits representing the key terms in the chemical rate equations. (...)
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  • Functional Entailment and Immanent Causation in Relational Biology.A. H. Louie - 2008 - Axiomathes 18 (3):289-302.
    I explicate the crucial role played by efficient cause in Robert Rosen’s characterization of life, by elaborating on the topic of Aristotelian causality, and exploring the many alternate descriptions of causal and inferential entailments. In particular, I discuss the concepts of functional entailment and immanent causation, and examine how they fit into Robert Rosen’s relational-biology universe of living, anticipatory, and complex systems.
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  • Explications of Functional Entailment in Relational Pathophysiology.A. H. Louie - 2013 - Axiomathes 23 (1):81-107.
    I explicate how various relational interactions between (M,R)-systems may have realizations in pathophysiology, and how the possible reversals of the effects of these interactions then become therapeutic models. Functional entailment receives a rigorous category-theoretic treatment, and plays a crucial role in this continuing saga of relational biology.
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  • Relational Biology of Symbiosis.A. H. Louie - 2010 - Axiomathes 20 (4):495-509.
    I formulate in relational terms the ubiquitous biological interaction of symbiosis. I explicate the topology of the different modes of relational interactions of (M, R)-networks, the entailment diagrams that model the host and the symbiont. These modes all have biological realizations as various categories of symbiotic relationships, ranging from mutualism to parasitism to infection.
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