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  1. Structuralist Neologicism†.Francesca Boccuni & Jack Woods - forthcoming - Philosophia Mathematica.
    ABSTRACT Neofregeanism and structuralism are among the most promising recent approaches to the philosophy of mathematics. Yet both have serious costs. We develop a view, structuralist neologicism, which retains the central advantages of each while avoiding their more serious costs. The key to our approach is using arbitrary reference to explicate how mathematical terms, introduced by abstraction principles, refer. Focusing on numerical terms, this allows us to treat abstraction principles as implicit definitions determining all properties of the numbers, achieving a (...)
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  • Three Infinities in Early Modern Philosophy.Anat Schechtman - 2019 - Mind 128 (512):1117-1147.
    Many historical and philosophical studies treat infinity as an exclusively quantitative notion, whose proper domain of application is mathematics and physics. The main aim of this paper is to disentangle, by critically examining, three notions of infinity in the early modern period, and to argue that one—but only one—of them is quantitative. One of these non-quantitative notions concerns being or reality, while the other concerns a particular iterative property of an aggregate. These three notions will emerge through examination of three (...)
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  • Is Hume’s Principle Analytic?Eamon Darnell & Aaron Thomas-Bolduc - forthcoming - Synthese:1-17.
    The question of the analyticity of Hume's Principle is central to the neo-logicist project. We take on this question with respect to Frege's definition of analyticity, which entails that a sentence cannot be analytic if it can be consistently denied within the sphere of a special science. We show that HP can be denied within non-standard analysis and argue that if HP is taken to depend on Frege's definition of number, it isn't analytic, and if HP is taken to be (...)
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  • Infini, Logique, Geométrie.Marco Panza - 2016 - History and Philosophy of Logic 37 (4):396-399.