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  1. Algebraic Logic, Where Does It Stand Today?Tarek Sayed Ahmed - 2005 - Bulletin of Symbolic Logic 11 (3):465-516.
    This is a survey article on algebraic logic. It gives a historical background leading up to a modern perspective. Central problems in algebraic logic (like the representation problem) are discussed in connection to other branches of logic, like modal logic, proof theory, model-theoretic forcing, finite combinatorics, and Gödel’s incompleteness results. We focus on cylindric algebras. Relation algebras and polyadic algebras are mostly covered only insofar as they relate to cylindric algebras, and even there we have not told the whole story. (...)
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  • Guards, Bounds, and Generalized Semantics.Johan van Benthem - 2005 - Journal of Logic, Language and Information 14 (3):263-279.
    Some initial motivations for the Guarded Fragment still seem of interest in carrying its program further. First, we stress the equivalence between two perspectives: (a) satisfiability on standard models for guarded first-order formulas, and (b) satisfiability on general assignment models for arbitrary first-order formulas. In particular, we give a new straightforward reduction from the former notion to the latter. We also show how a perspective shift to general assignment models provides a new look at the fixed-point extension LFP(FO) of first-order (...)
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  • Interpolation in Algebraizable Logics Semantics for Non-Normal Multi-Modal Logic.Judit X. Madarász - 1998 - Journal of Applied Non-Classical Logics 8 (1):67-105.
    ABSTRACT The two main directions pursued in the present paper are the following. The first direction was started by Pigozzi in 1969. In [Mak 91] and [Mak 79] Maksimova proved that a normal modal logic has the Craig interpolation property iff the corresponding class of algebras has the superamalgamation property. In this paper we extend Maksimova's theorem to normal multi-modal logics with arbitrarily many, not necessarily unary modalities, and to not necessarily normal multi-modal logics with modalities of ranks smaller than (...)
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  • Modal Languages and Bounded Fragments of Predicate Logic.Hajnal Andréka, István Németi & Johan van Benthem - 1998 - Journal of Philosophical Logic 27 (3):217 - 274.
    What precisely are fragments of classical first-order logic showing “modal” behaviour? Perhaps the most influential answer is that of Gabbay 1981, which identifies them with so-called “finite-variable fragments”, using only some fixed finite number of variables (free or bound). This view-point has been endorsed by many authors (cf. van Benthem 1991). We will investigate these fragments, and find that, illuminating and interesting though they are, they lack the required nice behaviour in our sense. (Several new negative results support this claim.) (...)
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