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Beyond Belief : On the Nature and Rationality of Agnostic Religion

Printed in Sweden by Media-Tryck, Lund University (2020)

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  1. Living God Pandeism: Evidential Support.William C. Lane - 2021 - Zygon 56.
    Pandeism is the belief that God chose to wholly become our Universe, imposing principles at this Becoming that have fostered the lawful evolution of multifarious structures, including life and consciousness. This article describes and defends a particular form of pandeism: living God pandeism (LGP). On LGP, our Universe inherits all of God's unsurpassable attributes—reality, unity, consciousness, knowledge, intelligence, and effectiveness—and includes as much reality, conscious and unconscious, as is possible consistent with retaining those attributes. God and the Universe, together “God-and-Universe,” (...)
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