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Satu Palva, Klaus Linkenkaer-Hansen, Risto Näätänen & J. Matias Palva (2005). Early Neural Correlates of Conscious Somatosensory Perception.

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    “Paradox of Slow Frequencies” – Are Slow Frequencies in Upper Cortical Layers a Neural Predisposition of the Level/State of Consciousness ?Georg Northoff - 2017 - Consciousness and Cognition 54:20-35.
  2.  5
    Neural Synchronization as a Hypothetical Explanation of the Psychoanalytic Unconscious.Mehmet Emin Ceylan, Aslıhan Dönmez, Barış Önen Ünsalver & Alper Evrensel - 2016 - Consciousness and Cognition 40:34-44.
  3.  42
    Measures of Consciousness.Elizabeth Irvine - 2013 - Philosophy Compass 8 (3):285-297.
    Consciousness is now a hot topic in both philosophy and the cognitive sciences, yet there is much controversy over how to measure it. First, it is not clear whether biased subjective reports should be taken as adequate for measuring consciousness, or if more objective measures are required. Ways to benefit from the advantages of both these measures in the form of ‘Type 2’ metacognitive measures are under development, but face criticism. Research into neurophysiological measures of consciousness is potentially very valuable, (...)
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    Measuring Consciousness: Relating Behavioural and Neurophysiological Approaches.Luiz Pessoa Anil K. Seth, Zoltán Dienes, Axel Cleeremans, Morten Overgaard - 2008 - Trends in Cognitive Sciences 12 (8):314.
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    The Cognitive and Neural Correlates of “Tactile Consciousness”: A Multisensory Perspective.A. GAllace & C. SpenCe - 2008 - Consciousness and Cognition 17 (1):370-407.
    People’s awareness of tactile stimuli has been investigated in far less detail than their awareness of stimuli in other sensory modalities. In an attempt to fill this gap, we provide an overview of studies that are pertinent to the topic of tactile consciousness. We discuss the results of research that has investigated phenomena such as “change blindness”, phantom limb sensations, and numerosity judgments in tactile perception, together with the results obtained from the study of patients affected by deficits that can (...)
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  6. Measuring Consciousness: Relating Behavioural and Neurophysiological Approaches.Anil K. Seth, Zoltan Dienes, Axel Cleeremans, Morten Overgaard & Luiz Pessoa - 2008 - Trends in Cognitive Sciences 12 (8):314-321.
  7. Conscious, Preconscious, and Subliminal Processing: A Testable Taxonomy.Stanislas Dehaene, Jean-Pierre Changeux, Lionel Naccache, Jérôme Sackur & Claire Sergent - 2006 - Trends in Cognitive Sciences 10 (5):204-211.
    Amidst the many brain events evoked by a visual stimulus, which are specifically associated with conscious perception, and which merely reflect non-conscious processing? Several recent neuroimaging studies have contrasted conscious and non-conscious visual processing, but their results appear inconsistent. Some support a correlation of conscious perception with early occipital events, others with late parieto-frontal activity. Here we attempt to make sense of those dissenting results. On the basis of a minimal neuro-computational model, the global neuronal workspace hypothesis, we propose a (...)
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