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  1. Clifford Space as a Generalization of Spacetime: Prospects for QFT of Point Particles and Strings. [REVIEW]Matej Pavšič - 2005 - Foundations of Physics 35 (9):1617-1642.
    The idea that spacetime has to be replaced by Clifford space (C-space) is explored. Quantum field theory (QFT) and string theory are generalized to C-space. It is shown how one can solve the cosmological constant problem and formulate string theory without central terms in the Virasoro algebra by exploiting the peculiar pseudo-Euclidean signature of C-space and the Jackiw definition of the vacuum state. As an introduction into the subject, a toy model of the harmonic oscillator in pseudo-Euclidean space is studied.
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  • On a Unified Theory of Generalized Branes Coupled to Gauge Fields, Including the Gravitational and Kalb–Ramond Fields.M. Pavšič - 2007 - Foundations of Physics 37 (8):1197-1242.
    We investigate a theory in which fundamental objects are branes described in terms of higher grade coordinates $X^{\mu{_1}\ldots \mu{_n}}$ encoding both the motion of a brane as a whole, and its volume evolution. We thus formulate a dynamics which generalizes the dynamics of the usual branes. Geometrically, coordinates $X^{\mu{_1} \ldots \mu{_n}}$ and associated coordinate frame fields { ${\gamma_{\mu{_1}\ldots\mu{_n}}}$ } extend the notion of geometry from spacetime to that of an enlarged space, called Clifford space or C-space. If we start from (...)
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