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Michael Peters (1995). Education and the Postmodern Condition: Revisiting Jean-François Lyotard.

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    Lyotard’s Pedagogies of Affect in Les Immatériaux.Kirsten Locke - 2017 - Educational Philosophy and Theory 49 (13):1277-1285.
    This paper explores the continuing relevance to education of ideas about art and resistance that Jean-François Lyotard signalled in his curated exhibition in 1985 at the Centre Georges Pompidou in Paris entitled Les Immatériaux. The exhibition was for Lyotard the ‘staging’ of a resistance at the dawning of an information age that challenged the prioritisation of computerised ‘data’ through the very deconstruction of data as presented in artistic form. While the implications of this event for art exhibitions are still being (...)
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    Lyotard, Postmodernism and Science Education: A Rejoinder to Zembylas.Roland M. Schulz - 2007 - Educational Philosophy and Theory 39 (6):633–656.
    Although postmodernist thought has become prominent in some educational circles, its influence on science education has until recently been rather minor. This paper examines the proposal of Michalinos Zembylas, published earlier in this journal, that Lyotardian postmodernism should be applied to science educational reform in order to achieve the much sought after positive transformation. As a preliminary to this examination several critical points are raised about Lyotard's philosophy of education and philosophy of science which serve to challenge and undermine Zembylas’ (...)
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    Michael Peters' Lyotardian Account of Postmodernism and Education: Some Epistemic Problems and Naturalistic Solutions.John A. Clark - 2006 - Educational Philosophy and Theory 38 (3):391–405.
    Postmodernism has established a significant hold in educational thought and some of the most important ideas are to be found in the writings of Michael Peters. This paper examines his postmodern stance and use of Lyotard's account of knowledge, and from a naturalist point of view raises a number of objections centred on science as a metanarrative, the unity of the empirical and the evaluative, and reason, truth and the growth of knowledge. It is concluded that postmodern epistemology, unlike naturalism, (...)
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    Je M'excuse, Monsieur Lyotard: Response to Clark.Michael A. Peters - 2006 - Educational Philosophy and Theory 38 (3):407–410.
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    Something 'Paralogical' Under the Sun: Lyotard's Postmodern Condition and Science Education.Michalinos Zembylas - 2000 - Educational Philosophy and Theory 32 (2):159–184.
    Sometimes I dream that I am an astronaut. I land my spaceship on a distant planet. When I tell me children on that planet that on earth school is compulsory and that we have homework every evening, they split their sides laughing. And so I decide to stay with them for a long, long time… Well anyway… until the summer holidays. Each state of the mind is irreducible. The mere act of giving it a name, that is of classifying it, (...)
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