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Law and Morality

Translation Publishers (1955)

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  1. Is a Universal Morality Possible?Ferenc Horcher (ed.) - 2015 - L’Harmattan Publishing.
    This volume - the joint effort of the research groups on practical philosophy and the history of political thought of the Institute of Philosophy of the Research Centre for the Humanities of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences - brings together scholarly essays that attempt to face the challenges of the contemporary situation. The authors come from rather divergent disciplinary backgrounds, including philosophy, law, history, literature and the social sciences, from different cultural and political contexts, including Central, Eastern and Western Europe, (...)
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  • Grasping an Ought. Adolf Reinach’s Ontology and Epistemology of Legal and Moral Oughts.Lorenzo Passerini Glazel - 2020 - Acta Universitatis Lodziensis. Folia Iuridica 90:29-39.
    We almost every day direct our actions with reference to social, moral or legal norms and oughts. However, oughts and norms cannot be perceived through the senses: how can we “grasp” them, then? Adolf Reinach distinguishes enacted norms and oughts created through a social act of enactment, from moral norms and oughts existing in themselves independently of any act, knowledge or experience. I argue that this distinction is not a distinction between two species of oughts within a common genus: it (...)
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