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Alvin Plantinga (1991). When Faith and Reason Clash: Evolution and the Bible.

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    Michael Ruse: Science and Spiritutality: Making Room for Faith in the Age of Science.Peter Slezak - 2012 - Science & Education 21 (3):403-413.
  2. In Defense of Naturalism.Gregory W. Dawes - 2011 - International Journal for Philosophy of Religion 70 (1):3-25.
    History and the modern sciences are characterized by what is sometimes called a methodological naturalism that disregards talk of divine agency. Some religious thinkers argue that this reflects a dogmatic materialism: a non-negotiable and a priori commitment to a materialist metaphysics. In response to this charge, I make a sharp distinction between procedural requirements and metaphysical commitments. The procedural requirement of history and the sciences—that proposed explanations appeal to publicly-accessible bodies of evidence—is non-negotiable, but has no metaphysical implications. The metaphysical (...)
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  3. Can't Philosophers Tell the Difference Between Science and Religion? Demarcation Revisited.Robert T. Pennock - 2011 - Synthese 178 (2):177-206.
    In the 2005 Kitzmiller v Dover Area School Board case, a federal district court ruled that Intelligent Design creationism was not science, but a disguised religious view and that teaching it in public schools is unconstitutional. But creationists contend that it is illegitimate to distinguish science and religion, citing philosophers Quinn and especially Laudan, who had criticized a similar ruling in the 1981 McLean v. Arkansas creation-science case on the grounds that no necessary and sufficient demarcation criterion was possible and (...)
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  4. Belief, Providence and Eschatology: Some Philosophical Problems in Islamic Theism.Imran Aijaz - 2008 - Philosophy Compass 3 (1):231-253.
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    Naturalistic Methodology in an Emerging Scientific Psychology: Lotze and Fechner in the Balance.Patrick McDonald - 2008 - Zygon 43 (3):605-625.
    The development of a methodologically naturalistic approach to physiological and experimental psychology in the nineteenth century was not primarily driven by a naturalistic agenda. The work of R. Hermann Lotze and G. T. Fechner help to illustrate this claim. I examine a selected set of central commitments in each thinkers philosophical outlook, particularly regarding the human soul and the nature of God, that departed strongly from a reductionist materialism. Yet, each contributed significantly to the formation of experimental and physiological psychology. (...)
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    Preparing the Way for the Lord: Evolution, Christianity and the Dialogue on Moral Freedom.Alain J.-P. C. Tschudin - 2003 - New Blackfriars 84 (993):521-527.
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    Scientific Atheism as a Faith Tradition - the Genetic Gods: Evolution and Belief in Human Affairs John C. Avise; Harvard University Press, Cambridge, MA & London, 1998, Pp. VIII+279, Price £20.50 Hardback, ISBN 0-674-34625-4, £12.50 Paperback, ISBN 0-674-0033-. [REVIEW]T. Dixon - 2002 - Studies in History and Philosophy of Science Part C 33 (2):337-359.
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    Scientific Atheism as a Faith Tradition.Thomas Dixon - 2002 - Studies in History and Philosophy of Science Part C: Studies in History and Philosophy of Biological and Biomedical Sciences 33 (2):337-359.
  9. Science-and-Religion and the Search for Meaning.Philip Hefner - 1996 - Zygon 31 (2):307-321.
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    Science Education as an Exercise in Foreign Affairs.William W. Cobern - 1995 - Science & Education 4 (3):287-302.
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    Booknotes.R. M. - 1993 - Biology and Philosophy 8 (1):403-406.
    There is a rather striking video currently used in police training. A firearms officer is caught on video shooting an armed suspect. The officer then gives his account of what happened, and there is no suggestion that he is tying to fabricate evidence. He says that he shot the suspect once; his partner says that he fired two shots. On the video we see four shots being deliberately fired. Memory, it seems, is an unreliable witness in situations of stress.
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    Evolution and Special Creation.Ernan Mc Mullin - 1993 - Zygon 28 (3):299-335.
    The logical relationships between the ideas of evolution and of special creation are explored here in the context of a recent paper by Alvin Plantinga claiming that from the perspective of biblical religion it is more likely than not that God acted in a “special” way at certain crucial moments in the long process whereby life developed on earth. I argue against this thesis, asking first under what circumstances the Bible might be thought relevant to an issue of broadly scientific (...)
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    Booknotes.R. M. - 1989 - Biology and Philosophy 4 (4):403-406.
    Of articles which are submitted for publication in Philosophy, a surprisingly large proportion are about the views of Richard Rorty. Some, indeed, we have published. They, along with pretty well all the articles we receive on Professor Rorty, are highly critical. On the perverse assumption that there must be something to be said for anyone who attracts widespread hostility, it is only right to see what can be said in favour of Rorty's latest collection of papers, entitled, Truth and Progress,.
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