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Tracing Concepts to Needs

The Philosopher 109 (3):34-39 (2021)

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  1. A Genealogical Analysis of Nietzschean Drive Theory.Brian Lightbody - 2023 - Palgrave MacMillan.
    Nietzsche’s “drive theory”, as it is referred to in the secondary literature, is a rich, unique and fascinating articulation of the human condition. In broad brushstrokes, Nietzsche appears to contend that all human psychology is either directly reducible to animal drives (e.g. sex, aggression) or indirectly explicable to the historical transformations thereof (e.g. ressentiment). Moreover, Nietzsche’s initial elucidation of drive theory in On the Genealogy of Morals (and elsewhere) is well-complemented with a fecund, profound, and clear elucidation of the concept (...)
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  • Reconstructing Philosophical Genealogy from the Ground Up: What Truly Is Philosophical Genealogy and What Purpose Does It Serve?Brian Lightbody - 2023 - Genealogy 7 (4):1-20.
    What is philosophical genealogy? What is its purpose? How does genealogy achieve this purpose? These are the three essential questions to ask when thinking about philosophical genealogy. Although there has been an upswell of articles in the secondary literature exploring these questions in the last decade or two, the answers provided are unsatisfactory. Why do replies to these questions leave scholars wanting? Why is the question, “What is philosophical genealogy?” still being asked? There are two broad reasons, I think. First, (...)
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