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  1. On the Existence of Undistorted Progressive Waves (UPWs) of Arbitrary Speeds 0≤ Θ≪∞ in Nature.Waldyr A. Rodrigues & Jian-Yu Lu - 1997 - Foundations of Physics 27 (3):435-508.
    We present the theory, the experimental evidence and fundamental physical consequences concerning the existence of families of undistorted progressive waves (UPWs) of arbitrary speeds 0≤ϑ<∞, which are solutions of the homogeneuous wave equation, the Maxwell equations, and Dirac, Weyl, and Klein-Gordon equations.
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  • The Mathematical Structure of Newtonian Spacetime: Classical Dynamics and Gravitation. [REVIEW]Waldyr A. Rodrigues, Quintino A. G. de Souza & Yuri Bozhkov - 1995 - Foundations of Physics 25 (6):871-924.
    We give a precise and modern mathematical characterization of the Newtonian spacetime structure (ℕ). Our formulation clarifies the concepts of absolute space, Newton's relative spaces, and absolute time. The concept of reference frames (which are “timelike” vector fields on ℕ) plays a fundamental role in our approach, and the classification of all possible reference frames on ℕ is investigated in detail. We succeed in identifying a Lorentzian structure on ℕ and we study the classical electrodynamics of Maxwell and Lorentz relative (...)
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  • Response to Rodrigues and Rosa on the Twin Paradox.Mendel Sachs - 1989 - Foundations of Physics 19 (12):1525-1528.
    This paper responds briefly to the criticism of Rodrigues and Rosa on my earlier analysis of the twin paradox. The main point that I have emphasized (and that the authors have not refuted, either logically or mathematically) is the error in directly identifying anabstract measure relative to a reference frame [and its transformations to all other possible reference frames in which the laws of nature are to be compared (such as temporal and spatial measures)], with aphysical extension and duration of (...)
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