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  1. Mental Model Theory Versus the Inference Rule Approach in Relational Reasoning.Jean-Baptiste Van der Henst - 2002 - Thinking and Reasoning 8 (3):193 – 203.
    Researchers currently working on relational reasoning typically argue that mental model theory (MMT) is a better account than the inference rule approach (IRA). They predict and observe that determinate (or one-model) problems are easier than indeterminate (or two-model) problems, whereas according to them, IRA should lead to the opposite prediction. However, the predictions attributed to IRA are based on a mistaken argument. The IRA is generally presented in such a way that inference rules only deal with determinate relations and not (...)
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  • How Our Brains Reason Logically.Markus Knauff - 2007 - Topoi 26 (1):19-36.
    The aim of this article is to strengthen links between cognitive brain research and formal logic. The work covers three fundamental sorts of logical inferences: reasoning in the propositional calculus, i.e. inferences with the conditional “if...then”, reasoning in the predicate calculus, i.e. inferences based on quantifiers such as “all”, “some”, “none”, and reasoning with n-place relations. Studies with brain-damaged patients and neuroimaging experiments indicate that such logical inferences are implemented in overlapping but different bilateral cortical networks, including parts of the (...)
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  • The Wording of Conclusions in Relational Reasoning.Jean-Baptiste Van der Henst & Walter Schaeken - 2005 - Cognition 97 (1):1-22.
  • Logic, Probability, and Human Reasoning.P. N. Johnson-Laird, Sangeet S. Khemlani & Geoffrey P. Goodwin - 2015 - Trends in Cognitive Sciences 19 (4):201-214.
  • Plugging a Tooth Before Anaesthetising the Patient? The Influence of People's Beliefs on Reasoning About the Temporal Order of Actions.Vicky Dierckx, André Vandierendonck, Baptist Liefooghe & Evelien Christiaens - 2004 - Thinking and Reasoning 10 (4):371-404.
  • Is Model Construction Open to Strategic Decisions? An Exploration in the Field of Linear Reasoning.Vicky Dierckx, André Vandierendonck & Mario Pandelaere - 2003 - Thinking and Reasoning 9 (2):97-131.
  • Reasoning About Relations.Geoffrey P. Goodwin & Philip Johnson-Laird - 2005 - Psychological Review 112 (2):468-493.
    Inferences about spatial, temporal, and other relations are ubiquitous. This article presents a novel model-based theory of such reasoning. The theory depends on 5 principles. The structure of mental models is iconic as far as possible. The logical consequences of relations emerge from models constructed from the meanings of the relations and from knowledge. Individuals tend to construct only a single, typical model. They spontaneously develop their own strategies for relational reasoning. Regardless of strategy, the difficulty of an inference depends (...)
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