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Samuel Scheffler & Véronique Munoz-Dardé (2005). Samuel Scheffler. Egalitarian Liberalism as Moral Pluralism.

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    Double Counting, Moral Rigorism, and Cohen’s Critique of Rawls: A Response to Alan Thomas.Brian Berkey - 2015 - Mind 124 (495):849-874.
    In a recent article in this journal, Alan Thomas presents a novel defence of what I call ‘Rawlsian Institutionalism about Justice’ against G. A. Cohen’s well-known critique. In this response I aim to defend Cohen’s rejection of Institutionalism against Thomas’s arguments. In part this defence requires clarifying precisely what is at issue between Institutionalists and their opponents. My primary focus, however, is on Thomas’s critical discussion of Cohen’s endorsement of an ethical prerogative, as well as his appeal to the institutional (...)
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    Contract Law as Fairness.Josse Klijnsma - 2015 - Ratio Juris 28 (1):68-88.
    This article examines the implications for contract law of Rawls' theory of justice as fairness. It argues that contract law as an institution is part of the basic structure of society and as such subject to the principles of justice. Discussing the basic structure in relation to contract law is particularly interesting because it is instructive for both contract law and Rawlsian theory. On the one hand, justice as fairness has clear normative implications for the institution of contract law. On (...)
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    Prerogatives, Incentives, and Institutionalism: A Reply to Brian Berkey.Alan Thomas - 2015 - Mind 124 (495):875-890.
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    Equality and Division: Values in Principle.Samuel Scheffler & Veronique Munoz-Darde - 2005 - Aristotelian Society Supplementary Volume 79 (1):255–284.